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Savage Dragon: The Kids Are Alright Paperback Review

Updated on December 18, 2011

Savage Dragon The Ever Changing Comic Book

The Kids Are Alright picks up right after the previous collected paperback entitled Savage Dragon: Emperor Dragon in which Dragon reverted to his true persona of Emperor Kurr and wiped out the whole of the human race in an alternate Earths timeline. After Darklord helped the True hero Dragon go back in time and kill Emperor Kurr then all was reverted back to how it was but with a price Dragon was obliterated by Darklord as no one knew, but the kids find out in this very book.

The story of this collected edition paperback is meant to create a new era for the Savage Dragon and instead focuses the entire book on his Son Malcom and it really is a bold move and I expected nothing less from Writer/ Artist and Creator Erik Larsen as over the years he has shocked readers by killing off key characters and then creating the alternate universe Dimension x so that certain characters could be brought back even though they are alternate versions of the originals. Erik has created the perfect superhero book with it's totally unpredictable storytelling that you simply don't know where things are going to end up next.

Mixing everyday life with that of a superhero was what made the Dragon great in it's early days as he originally became a cop after being found in a burning field and this new direction captures that spirit with Malcom graduating from School and having to fight super powered freaks most of the time to help protect the city of Chicago with his step Sister Angel who is just as strong and tough as he is.

In this particular book however there are hints as to maybe the original Dragon coming back in the future as it is explained that Malcom has a Brother called Krull and they (The race known as the Krylans) took the last known vessel that was ravaged by Virus that contained the body parts of the one and only Dragon possibly to extract Dragons DNA perhaps? Hmmmm Questions? Questions?

As I may have mentioned previously. These collected editions are worth getting as you can read a full six issues in one sitting and feel like a full story arc has been laid out before you and you can just immerse yourself in the story and characters more. As usual the books show the individual comic book covers which just is a neat bonus to see the cover art from Erik Larsen.

Highlights of this book was Mr Glum and the evil twin of Angel trying to disguise themselves just to go and have a cheeseburger on planet Earth and the indirect consequences of this that actually saves the Earth from Deathseed and his Absorbanoids.

This book is highly recommended as being a fan of the Savage Dragon since the early days it's been a blast seeing all the stories come and go and the shocks appearing from panel to panel within the comic book and the vast array of characters good and bad appear only to get killed off.

I enjoyed this book and I think you will too. So if you haven't heard of Savage Dragon before then give it a shot as it's a fun book with powerful storytelling.

Savage Dragon Comic Book

The Savage Dragon's new era continues with his Son Malcom taking over from his Father in the long running comic book from Veteran comic book artists and writer Erik Larsen.
The Savage Dragon's new era continues with his Son Malcom taking over from his Father in the long running comic book from Veteran comic book artists and writer Erik Larsen.

Savage Dragon - The Kids Are Alright Collected Edition Book

Savage Dragon Graphic Novel - The Kids Are Alright

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