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Scary Sound of a Call

Updated on April 10, 2014

Believe it or not!

I'm not that superstitious until I had an encounter with these things we call as ghosts. I used to be strong, whenever me and my friends are on a ghost hunting mission. I always put myself in front of the line and all of my friends are holding me tight and screams my name when they feel scared. Although I'm scared too but I fight it. I want to see a ghost. That's why I have to be strong to find one. My main reason why I want to see a ghost is that I want to prove to myself if ghosts really exists. But this one experience prove me their existence.

I won't force you to believe me and my story. I just to share my experience with having encounter to these phenomenal creatures. I'm afraid we're not alone in this world.

Look carefully to see the GHOST!

Do you think ghosts really exists?

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The encounter!

I have a little brother who by that time is studying in an elementary school that I once enrolled in. That school was a small institute for kinder to grade 6 only but they have quality education I may say. The school had old buildings and some of the places were quite closed like the small library. That area was the creepiest area in the school. Beside the small library is a boys comfort room which is found on the right side of the library. And on the other side is a stair that leads to grade 4, 5 and 6 rooms which is often used by the students due to it's scary aura. We usually conduct ghost hunt in this part of the school. And by night I can say that there are presence surrounding the stairs. I have no third eye but our hair at the back of our necks never lie though.

Not only that stair have ghosts, the rooms as well. As a matter of fact, almost all of the rooms have sightings. Until I was able to encounter one. The day was Saturday. I am 13 or 14 years old that time. My little brother who was currently studying there by that time will be having an over night activity inside the campus. Since these were kids.. guardians are required to join too. I was my brother's guardian, and some of my past classmates in that school with little brothers and sisters joined so we had planned to bond the whole night long. The activity will start at 6 pm in the evening and we decided to arrive early at around 5 pm. Like the usual, I always arrive early by exact time and my friends are always late. Since there are few people in the area, and I was familiar with the place, I decided to go to the kinder room near the stairs which I'm talking about early. But actually the stairs has nothing to do with what had happened :)

I entered the room, opened the lights and found the chairs quite messy and papers are scattered everywhere. I sat on a long chair beside the door and put there my bag. The door was made of a Narra wood and has some carved designs in it. Align with the door to my right is sliding glass window covered with a fine blue curtain. Before I sat down I make sure first to close the window and the door as well. As I sat down, I manage to pick up my phone and send a message to my other friends telling them to hurry up. I was bored and they are not making any reply so I go pick some papers on the floor, get my pen in my bag and draw things. As I was busy drawing, I heard someone calling me that says: "Psst! Psst!". I looked up, open the door and check if someone was there, I opened the window as well but there was none. Not feeling scared and neglecting the sound, I continued drawing and the call began again. This time it is louder than the previous one. While deciding to go up again to open the door and the window to check, I realized something that started to scare me. The door was made of a thick wood and the window is made of glass covered with a curtain as well. So how possible would a soft sound be heard inside the classroom if it is coming from outside. I looked up and smiled thinking of my stupidity then the sound began again louder and it feels like it's near me now. I got so afraid that I immediately opened the door leaving my things in that room and ran fast. Good thing I saw my mom handing me a towel which I left at home and asked me why I look so pale and scared. I told her what had happened so she called the maintenance personnels to grab my things in that room.

My encounter is through sound and I was not able to see is personally, but I know for sure that what I've heard was not from a man and not from the outside of the room. By that day on, I started to believe in ghosts. Hearing is enough for me to believe. I don't need to see them by my bare eyes. If sounds are creepy what more is seeing?

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Let me scare you a bit :)

5 stars for Do you believe in my story?


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    • lisavanvorst profile image

      Lisa VanVorst 4 years ago from New Jersey

      Very scary and kept my attention. Great job!