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Scottish poetry

Updated on March 27, 2015

About loss

Losing someone is hard,best to write it down. It helps me to express my feeling when I write. I feel I can get rid of my anxiety without hurting anyone. It's a great way to get yourself mentally right. It's a coping mechanism for me in a way,and I know a few people who swear by this method also.

Poem for my brother

If this was the day,I chose to go
Who would miss me,who would know Unanswered questions,and trauma I bet
Why did I choose,why did I go
Unanswered questions,we will never know
I wonder,surprise,ponder and cry
Why did he do it,I think as I cry
We spoke ,laughed and hugged the night before I can't understand it,that's why it's so sore
My turmoil is constant,my questions don't stop Not getting any answers,I feel my head will pop On Friday I thought our brotherhood was lost Less than two days later,my brother had passed.

Love writing.

ive always loved writing.ive written since I was a wee first poem I wrote at the tender age of nine.ive lost count now how many poems I actually have at home.will need to count them one day.

An eye full.


I think personally there's no better way to express your most personal and inner feelings than scribbling it down on definitely relieves stress for me from everyday life.

Going too far.

i wonder sometimes if I go too far with what I write,ive been told that my poetry can be looked on as a bit controversial,or very personal to not sure,i let people who read it judge it for themselves.

My new book.

Who I write about.

The all.

© 2014 John Marshall


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