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Scottish poetryTragedy

Updated on March 28, 2015

Idea for poem

After suffering a few tragedys in my life,I thought the bet way was to put it in words.helps me deal with it easier.

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A horrible occurrence,that installs instant fear
Complex emotions,inevitable tears .
It comes to us all,at some point or another
It happened to me,the tragedy was my mother.
Taken long before her time,
still sends chills down my spine
Took me so many years,to bypass the shock
Took me several months before I could even talk.
When eventually I did,the emotion door opened clear
Found it hard,now a new emotional fear.
Not used to sharing,relying or talking
Felt so vulnerable ,thought I'd see mocking.
After so many years,ups and downs
Eventually the cure was to simply move towns.

More to come

Since writing this poem I have added to my hubs quite considerably.ive written on so many diverse subjects close to my heart.

Suffered loss.

losing a parent is a tragic event.when I lost my mother,I thought I'd never recover. She was such an intricate part of my life,she played such a big part in my life also. So,when I lost her ,i felt like a limb had been ripped off. I was in pain for a long time,I drank every day for three years. I pretty much became am alcoholic,but it was the only thing that helped me cope. I suppose the alcohol blotted out the memory of my Mum. I wouldn't recommend my fix of choice,inevitably ,i now have health issues because of this. One thing is for sure,it does get better over time. You never forget,but the pain dulls significantly.


Wouldn't wish it!

Losing my Mum was as stated a terrible thing.i felt it profoundly. I genuinely would not wish the loss of a mother on my worst enemy. It is the one thing I hoped I'd never have to suffer in my life,but inevitably life doesn't let you have the choice.only advice I could give is,if you are unfortunate enough to lose any parent, don't do what I did with alcohol ,seek help.i wish I had sought professional help when it happened to me,it is a regret of mine.If your not comfortable with a professional,talk to family,talk to anyone.ive since incurred a few more deaths of family members.talking definitely does help.


now long past,but not forgotten

i feel you still,your never forgotten

i remember your smile,I still sense you near

not a problem,I cannot fear

i feel it heavy,I know your watching

i like this feeling,to know your watching.

a feeling of safety,a cosy effect

i still love you,I give you respect.

Losing a dear family member.

losing a loved one

losing a friend

your emotions are shattered

its hard to defend.

not knowing where to go

not knowing who to talk to

sadness envelopes your mind

tragedy is bound to.

up and down roller coaster

cry and not to cry days

memory affected

walk in a haze.

time is a healer,it's true to say

or if it helps,you can always pray.


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