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Updated on November 9, 2015

Old times.

i tried to take readers back to a time were your very existence could depend on how well you could fight.

Scottish Poetry


caves a haunting,feel the cold
warriors abiding,stories done told.
run from the foe,run done told
fear is captured,fear so bold.
barely clad,hunger on view
he so shouts,shouts on you.
bleeds by life,no friend is sought
friendship passed,no life is bought.
to the edge of death,no air is abound
mostly by myself,no friends are found.
take it to the limits,scary and profound
take that path,limits are abound.
surpass the moment,surpass the ground,
surely your goals,will be found

Possible home.


as a country we stand with the best.

abused in past times,defeated the rest.

a prouder nation you will not find

scottish and proud,ingrained in my mind.

passionate people,helpful and kind

scottish people,nicer people you will not find

leave ourselves poor ,give our last pound

if we thought it would help,our intentions are sound.

loyal friends,neighbours and caring

share all with our friends,we are known for our sharing.

Lost memories.

Would I?

people have said over the years a few times,would I move to another country.i always say no.we might not always have the best weather,but as a country its embedded in your soul.if I moved elsewhere I can't envision staying there for long.i reckon home sickness would set i pretty quickly.

The Views.

Ive lived in scotland all my life personally think the views would make it hard for anyone to leave.ive travelled all over scotland and there aren't many places in the world that can match scotlands natural scenic beauty.

Where he's from!

Sense of Humour.

We are also well known for our sense of humour.we like a laugh,its better than sadness.if you have a drink with a Scottish person I would be amazed if you didn't laugh for most of the tIme your there.

The People

Scots are known for our kindness and friendliness worldwide.when we make friends it's for life.we also are known to partake of the occasional drink.its definitely part of the scenery in Scotland as well as the views.

Multi Cultural

Scotland is a place where all races and nationalities seem to mix well. We have always welcomed any person coming from foreign places to be treated as we treat ourselves.

In finishing.

Scotland like a lot of countries in their infancy went through some terrible took us a long time to forge what we have now ,and continue to be proud of.


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