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Scott's Odyssey Part 3

Updated on February 26, 2010


Image by Bill Lyon
Image by Bill Lyon

"Top fo the Morning to ye!" Logan, my guide, would say in my mind before he appeared quickly before me.

"Ciao Logan." and there he was standing right next to me. He was the type of fellow that stood very close to you. On Earth this might alarm people, but it was just his way. I started to look foward to seeing this soul because he was very important to me. He explained to me that he helped me recieve ideas on Earth. It was his job to give me ideas and inspiration. It was my job to listen and not ignore what flowed through my head. To say that he was separate from me would not be the right truth. He and I had an agreement before I went to Earth. Of course, I forgot it all as I spent more time in the limited environment. He did not forget.

Logan said he was able to understand more than me and that he had did his time on Earth, the good, the bad and the ugly. Logan tried to explain that there really isn't a better soul than another, there are only souls who have advanced to state of being that understands more. He never lets me forget that all dimensions and souls know how special, dedicated and courageous it is for a soul to decide to be limited. It is amazing to many that souls will be willing to be so much of what they are not and become very heavy when they vibrate so fast in their natural state. And all that these courageous soul's experience on Earth, the good and bad- benefits the whole entire universe because the knowlege and experience expands our whole evolutionary process. So when a soul goes into the heaviness of Earth and strives to be a great piano player, but fails many times and feels desperate to become better then these desires and feelings of acomplishment, and struggle shoot vibrations out and they travel to the non-physical as rockets of expansion. All the learning and positive experience becomes apart of higher self and moves you beyond where you have been. It is a experience of contrast that provokes you to do more and want more and then you become more and the universe expands.

Logan explains that people on Earth think that expansion is not part of perfection. Movement is the essential thing, but it is much more than just movement.

Logan smiled and gazed into my eyes like we had been friends for eons of time.

"Scott do you feel a little different these days? I mean are you relaxing into yourself?"

"Yes I guess, why do you ask?" I looked at him strangely.

"Well Scotty Boy- I think you might be exploring different avenues of expression today. Have you seen your appearance lately? It happens a lot when souls relax and feel more themselves. The last incarnation fades slowly away and you naturally express something more pleasing to you." Logan pointed down at my feet.

I looked at my feet and they were tiny and fit into wood sandals. They were Japanese!!!!! And I had the most beatiful Komono I had ever seen. I was a woman!!! Oh God!!!! What the hell??? Logan grabbed my hand and we were instantly in a room that was familar and relaxing to me. I felt better instantly. Logan sat me down in a chair that seemed to mold to my shape. It appeared to be a chair. The room was a dark emerald green-turquoise, definitely not a color I had ever seen before. The walls appeared to be transparent and on the other side was a rich green British looking garden, but was more like a mixture of British, Italy and Japanese garden, and I could not stop looking at it. Waterfalls seemed to fall from nowhere. The peaceful sound of water, birds and some tiny stream of the highest most exquisite symphony seemed to flow with its own purpose. The room seemed to be breathing, it had a pulse, and it relaxed me into a state of pure bliss. It was Logan's creations. I knew I had been here many times before probably in my dreams.

"Yes in your dreams we had long conversations you and I. Man you were one of my favorites because you let the veil, the separation between physical and non-physical be so much less that a lot of souls. So many fear and or do not believe that they are just so brilliant, so high of a vibrational being. Anyway I just want to thank you officially for letting me work my magic so many times. I mean I would come up with this outrageous ideas and you would listen, you would try it out???? You especially listened when it had to do with the nature of here. That was easy for you. You and your friend Ray. Boy when you two got together it was like we were having a party here like we use to." He said so excited.

"Are you kidding, my friend Ray? You know him? Boy that guy I really miss." I sad sadly, but then saw Logan's excitement to explain himself.

"You, Ray and I had many meetings before you left into the last incarnation. Mostly you and I had a agreement to work together and Ray just liked to tag along for the fun of it. He has a great guide also. " he explained.

"Ray helped me get into the light body mediations. I thought maybe that had something to do about why I died so suddenly. Did it?" I asked afraid of the answer.

"Don't be silly Scott, you set your time for death before you were born. It is all part of your blueprint. You were so eager to go into this life. Yet you wanted to do things fast and not stay too long. The Earth was moving a lot faster, I mean the conciousness was finally making its movement upward and you were very eager to be a part of this time." he said

"So I will go back, but not right now, right?" I asked

"It is all up to you. Soon when you feel more relaxed and content- you will have to review your blueprint and figure out the good and bad of what happened on EArth?" Logan explained.

"I am not getting in trouble or going to a different place?" I questioned him, already knowing the answer.

"Come on Scott, you know better than that. There is no judgement, only how you judge yourself. And even if you were confused and did judge yourself harshly, which many do- then there are those that try to help them get past this darkness. The people who have become so devoid of light and think they are actually the heaviness and limitation-the Hitlers and murder's have become so distorted in their view. They manifest dark places, they enter into places that their own mind creates to punish themselves for their wrong actions. It is only those souls own distortion that creates these dark places, nothing else. Many of our souls here do not go to EArth, but devote their time and energy to helping those who judge themselves so harshly and become lost. Anyway enough of that. Let's talk about your Japanese appearance and if you want to keep it or what? This is more me being your good friend than a guide." He explained with ease that made me feel better.


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