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Scott's Odyssey Part 4

Updated on March 30, 2010

Scott Transforms to Lynn- Part 4

Lynn saw his father's face and was expecting a great feeling of anger to rise in him, but no anger came. There was confusion and a bit of sadness that rose up when he saw his father’s face. Children so want to love their parent but sometimes to much emotional baggage gets in the way.

Lynn glanced at the woman guide sitting next to him, and then he began to think of his mother. And she was summons to come for the comforting of Lynn as this was a major role that she fulfilled when she was on Earth. Lynn felt immediately better. He felt the presence of his mother even before she was beside him. Even though he knew it was juvenile he grabbed her hand for even more comfort. Even though no physical manifestation takes place on the Other side, it is a simple habit for recent-physical-beings.

Lynn’s father hesitated at the door, not knowing how to proceed. He watched Lynn and Iris as they stood united. He glanced at the woman guide for a clue on how to proceed. He felt instantly Lynn’s anxiety towards him.

“Of course your deep emotional feelings are not present here. You have released your physical body, which holds every event that ever happened to you in its cellular memory, so since that is not here, all we have is a resonance of what happened on Earth. The best part of the inherent design is that you keep only what serves you. Now each of you had a blue print, purpose and relationship on Earth. Each of you signed up so to speak to be involved in each other lives. Lynn, you knew before you became physical that your father would be hard on you, you wanted to experience this, you wanted this hardship, to go faster with your progress. It is hard for you to believe this as you lived through such pain and sorrow. But believe it or not you knew what he would do in general. You DID NOT KNOW what it would FEEL LIKE, thus that is why we go to Earth, to EXPERIENCE the thing we think we can do or be. Before you became physical you wanted to accomplish a great deal on Earth, you wanted to advance A LOT. The only way to do that is to pick situations that will be very hard, so that the understanding comes. Because of such heartache and pain, your passion for knowing the truth about the universe increased, you were almost obsessed with wanting to know more. We appreciate souls like you because with your courage and your passion we all benefit from the answers you received. We here do not feel your pain, but we advance because of your experience of it. We do not feel the tremendous emotional anguish that you felt, but we benefit from your experience of it, such anguish creates a serious desire for peace and so this desire is answered by the universe with circumstances that are peaceful- and so when you had your own children your desire for peace and love created a home of peace and love and thus all of the universe expands with this knowledge that you gained on Earth. We here are very connected with you when you are there. We never leave your side; you are never alone, even though you feel so disconnected at times. Sometimes you become too identified with the body, and forget too much. Of course, Lynn you know these little bits, right?” She smiled at Lynn, walked over to him and hugged him.

He was glad of the hug. It was a lot to take in. Since the hugging was going on.

Alexander smiled. Lynn with ever so big loving soul walked over to his father, and hugged him. It wasn’t easy. But what happened was a surprise to Lynn. His soul seemed to pulsate with a higher vibration. He all of sudden was in a field of light, with another guide.

“Where am I? I was just hugging my father and now I am here.” He looked around and there was a soul he saw with a very bright radiating light that seemed to pulsate indigo.

“Lynn I just want you to know that I’ve missed you. You are one of my favorites. When you have become more of your most divine self, we will have to chat like we have in the past. I just want you know that I so appreciate your quest on Earth this last time around. I know you left in a hurry. But we will talk later, alright!!!! Good job with your father, good first step.”

“Are you God?” Lynn asked

“Oh Lynn, you know I love that question? And thanks for the compliment. But no I am just the one in charge of this plane. We will talk soon, because I know you will have some crazy idea about what you will want to do next. It is the adventurous ones that so enamor us plane-bound ones. Oh we do our part. But I envy in a positive way your adventurous nature and courage to drop yourselves so low, so not what you are!!!!!!

And with a pulse of light he was back with his father and his guide in the blue print room.

They sat around his blueprints. It was a hologram in front of him. He could see the lines on it. It looked like a family tree and a blueprint for house all in one. The lines pulsated with color. The guide put her hand on it, like people do with computers or like in science fiction movies. Lynn thought of Minority Report, when he used the holographic images to understand the crime, he could move it with his hand. She cut the blueprint down so they could look right at his contracts, and childhood. Each major relationship had a color and pulse to it. All characteristics, DNA and attributes were all listed out.

“Go ahead touch a contract it will become the focus of the hologram. Then you can go back and forth to understand your reasoning on why you chose to have this contract with this soul.

Lynn pointed and touches lightly on his father. A whole web of connections came up. He glanced over to his dad. He smiled. Lynn always thought his father’s smile was too big for a man who did not seem very happy. Alexander laughed a little. Lynn smiled. He touched on a scene that looked strange to him.

The scene became the whole hologram. They were two girls running over the fields; it was the Highlands in Scotland. They were sisters. Lynn was the older one. She saw men coming on horses. She grabbed her sister (his father) hand. They were about 12 and 14 years old. Lynn and her sister (father) knew the highlands well. They found a hiding spot. The men were looking around, but could not find them. The dog came running up and had never been with the men before. Lynn became nervous. The girls looked at each other. The dog came very close and sniffed them out. The younger picked up a big rock and acted quite quickly. Their hiding place had a log in the front. The little sister smashed the rock over the dogs head. She didn’t kill it but knocked it out. They both got behind the log and pushed it out of the hiding place. They knew they would only have a couple minutes before they had to run like the devil to get out of this situation. When the log rolled, they kissed each other on the lips and said “May the Virgin run with you!!!!!”

“No may Jesus be your feet!!!!!!”

And off they ran in opposite directions. This went on for two more years. They became quite famous among the poor villages of the Highlands. The little sister was not so lucky on a dark day. She got caught and was raped. When the older sister found her she was barely alive. She nursed her back to health but she wasn’t ever the same. The older sister married and took her baby sister with her and took care of her.

“This incarnation and many others sealed a bond between you two. You, Lynn, wanted to explore some very difficult territory on this last incarnation. You asked your sister/father to be a negative influence in your life. This is a dangerous situation for your father; he would lower his vibration extremely this incarnation. To play the villain when you are not in your essence -that is very risky. This means that villains are not what they appear. Some extreme villains on Earth lose their way for more than one incarnation, and become quite destructive to themselves and others. Lynn, Alexander also wanted to go a very difficult road- he has done this in more than one life. We are a little worried about his victim and tyrant pattern. We are glad he is here and we can talk about these issues. While it appears that all these situations are about Lynn, this meeting is also about Alexander. Nothing is separate here. We are essentially all in this game together always trying to lift and or progress on our journey of becoming.”

Lynn could not believe his ears. He was still thinking on the two sisters on the Highlands of Scotland, and began to feel a memory coming to him. It was before the rape of his little sister. He remembered in the small house that they lived in with their mother who was always working and coming home with nothing. Lynn remembered one night when his mother returned and barely had enough to feed the family. Lynn was the oldest then his sister and their two brothers who were only two years old and four years old. When Lynn saw the look on his mother’s face when she had to feed them, he decided to leave. His sister was not far behind, and Lynn told her to go back and stay with mama. His sister did not listen and insisted that he go with her. From that day on they were never separated. They roamed around, spent the night in random barns. It was unheard of that two females would be able to do this. Lynn had an idea – he cut both of their hair to look more like boys. They were only 10 to 12 years old when they started to find work and or hid out around the Highlands. Sometimes they would steal things from farms but would always try to clean something and or fix something before they took the item. Many families were upset and so called the officials and the officials, who were the bloody English, roamed around making the Scots generally upset with their laws and behavior.

Lynn and her Sister began to know the area so well that many of the Scottish rebel fighters had the girls take them around and show them good hideouts. The girls were fast and athletic. They could out run most men. Lynn remember moments of running free having his sister close behind and feeling exhilaration of being united with someone- yet feeling in control of his life.

After this incarnation is when these two laid out their next physical incarnation. Lynn asked his companion soul to help him with something very difficult. Lynn knew that his companion soul was smart, feisty and devoted to him. They talked a long time and were required to consult many sessions with a guide. They were going to partake in a very dangerous situation. To incarnate below their level was only allowed to advance souls. The risk was very high, to losing the soul to the physical.

Lynn turned to his father and asked him how he was.

“Well Lynn, It took me a long to recover from my last incarnation. I felt very guilty for so many things. Can I show him my passing and recovery? Alexander asked the guide. The guide nodded yes.

Alexander touched the directory of the unit that projected the hologram. All he needed was to put his hand on it. It read his vibration and thought. The hologram appeared before them. When Alexander died he was very sick from cancer. He was very tired so he went directly into a critical care unit where most souls go when they die of a long drawn out disease. It is a special place where more light is infused for their recovery. Alexander stayed in a sickly state for awhile after he crossed over. He did not understand that he died and that it was time to release all the negative feeling of his Earthly existence. He was assigned a guide to help him recover. He was able to walk around, but did not forgive himself for the things he did in the physical. The place he arrived at was dark and full of negative energy. He was angry and did not understand who he really was.

“Is that hell?” Lynn asked.

“No Lynn, well hell not in Earth terms, but self- imposed. Souls who feel guilty, and or cannot understand light in the sense of their source, will create a place that they feel that they deserve. People on Earth think you need a devil to inflict pain and suffering for those who hurt others, but really souls are much harder on themselves then anyone could imagine. Humans on Earth who believe in a place specifically for punishment are mistaken. There is only what serves you, and thus the ‘Hilters’ of the world do pay, but by their own judgment on themselves, and let me tell you it is not pretty what they put themselves through.” The guide answered with compassion and patience.

Lynn watched the hologram in awe. Alexander sat in the corner of his hospital room looking out at the garden. He could not let it go. His room became a dark pulsating grey. Even though his previous lives had been bright and good this one was taking a big toll. The guides let him stay in this level but it was three levels below where he should have been.

His soul was stuck and could not forgive, could not let go of the pain he inflicted on others. He would often slip into a long sleeping that was not peaceful, screams and tossing and turning would consume him.

“I kept going over my behavior towards Iris, you and especially Kate. I just….just went too far off the tract. I just don’t know. The dark just took me over. I felt like I had no control. I did so many terrible, terrible things. I am still working on it all- I am not done. I sometimes slip back into dark places and need help to return to the light. I feel as if I failed so many people, myself, you and my other children.

My guide says it is not so, that each person knew my behavior before they came into this life, but it is very hard to understand. I do not understand why some people want to play the victims of violence.”

“Some want to know what this experience feels like. Maybe they have been the conveyor of pain and now must be the receiver. Some play the victim so that they can learn what it to “forgive” and I mean to really forgive a terrible wrong. Many might say that to forgive is easy, not when someone has violated your person. So if someone is able to forgive and work through these terrible circumstances it lifts us all up a level. All the non-physical beings receive your hard Earthly work, by the light of forgiveness and compassion for each other. It is a dangerous ride and some believe it did not have to be created this way. This is another story in itself. You are moving in the right direction Alexander. Thank you for your input. I think this is quite enough for today. We will resume Lynn’s Blueprint exploration. For now let us listen to some music created by Iris. This has been her latest project here. Enjoy.” The guide gracefully swept her hand from right to left and we were all sitting in a pavilion open to the surrounding environment. It was green rolling hills covered with vineyards, grand trees and statues that seemed to grow along with the natural habitat. The pavilion appeared to be translucent light vibrating from emerald green to a rich violet turquoise and then the music began. Iris was conducting many musicians who appeared to be in a chaotic formation, yet somehow organized. Their instruments were a variety of traditional strings and brass, and then there were other unusual items being played. The music made us aware that we were no longer physical and all of the vibrations could move as you experienced something new. A few times I went somewhere higher as the music made me awaken to my real high frequency self. I began to pulsate with the music and shift from one dimension to the next. At one moment I was laughing and smiling remembering my daughter on Earth. She found me here, she was asleep on Earth, but was able to find me, and as I pulsated – she and Sue flashed in front of me- and I felt so pure, so awakened that I pulsated right to another very high level, there was a brilliant figure of light sitting with others, only a few- he spoke to my mind. I could not understand. It was too high and I became extremely cold- and then I returned to Iris and the others and removed myself from the music. I returned to my home, to the familiar light of my house of my own creation. I was extremely tired and went straight to sleep- and when I finally shut my eyes many figures of light surrounded my bed and peace showered me as I rested my soul in one level of heaven.


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