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Season of Grace

Updated on June 26, 2015

I practised for four years before embarking on a venture for a greener pasture,i compared the £3000 salary Doctors earns in the UK to my salary in Zimbabwe and realized that settling for peanut is a crime so that alone triggered my desire to relocate to the UK.

Life in UK was totally different from what we experience in Zimbabwe, everything works like they were organized by something greater than man. It didn't take me time to secure a job and my first day at work was challenging because even in the medical sch in Zimbabwe,we weren't taught about all the medical equipments that faced me that day.

I started learning from my first day and i am the type that doesn't shy away or pretend,if i don't know anything,i always say that I don't know but once shown or taught how to do that thing, trust me; i will do it better than my teacher so after two years in my work place,i was recognized by the chief medical officer and that recognition was the turning point of my life.

Still baffles me each time i look at myself, you see, my Dad was a fisherman and Mum a petty tomatoes seller back in Harare,there were days i was sent out from sch for not paying my tuition,it wasn't once,twice or trice rather was a part of my school routine. My Dad always told me then that he can afford to pay for just one term, i struggled through primary and secondary school,took me eighteen years to finish both so you can imagine how many years i was out of school.

I did lots of labor after secondary school to save for my university and even begged atimes to pay for my course fees,my friends nick named me PM(Photocopy machine). This was because i could not afford any text book so i always borrowed theirs then make copies of them, at one point,i owned a photocopying machine myself so to save cost of paying for over hundred thousand pages i usually photocopied.

The day i graduated from the medical college was a gift to my parents, especially my mum who was so proud to be the mother of a medical doctor. In Zimbabwe, despite the low wage,doctors are classified as the rich with less than £100 equivalent monthly salary. I worked round the clock the entire four years i practised in Zimbabwe so i got to London with the same energy,there was no day i was off from work and whenever another doctor cancelled a shift, i was ready to make it up so i was again given a nick name; WORKAHOLIC.

One thing about me is that i was hooked up with home, so many people intimidated my father and i could remember the day my mother was thrown out from the space she used to sell by the council because someone else bribed the council chairman to gain that same space,each time i passed that spot,i knew that i really had to do something but couldn't figure out what to do until my first visit back home after five years in the UK. Guess what? I bought the entire place and made sure that the council chairman who threw my mother out knew who i was,he didn't recognized my mother when we finalized payment and came to collect the allocation documents but i reminded him who my mother was and he couldn't look her at the face.

The important thing i have realized in life is that there is a season for grace, you might be nobody today and people might see you as worthless but none of these people holds your destiny, none of them can say what will be of you, believe me i am a living example that hard work alone is not what it takes to be successful,the Grace of God is the key. Today i run my two private hospitals simultaneously; the smaller one in Manchester and the bigger one in Harare. I have shook the hand of the queen of England and as well that of the president of Zimbabwe,i pay doctors salaries as well and i also gained another nickname Boss.

You can be called anything by anyone but believe me,not until you are called BOSS then you will realize who you are. I don't spend extravagantly but people have criticized me for buying my parents expensive things, but tell me if it's wrong to buy my mum a Rolls Royce. I don't want to list anything here but remember that i was once a WORKAHOLIC, the money i spend on my mum is money earned doing extra shifts and over time in my first five years in London so by the time i begin to spend my regular money on her,critics will rather die studying me.

Live your dream, spend your money and don't mind haters because no matter what you do, they will talk.


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