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Second Thoughts.

Updated on January 10, 2010




Second Thoughts.


I stood upon a 
massive bridge 
considering suicide,
But plans were
interrupted by
folks offering

me a ride.

A Grandma

to simply share
fresh cookies....
chocolate chip,
as if she thought
it just might help,
to snack before

my dip.

Two teens they
handed me a beer,
plus tickets

to a show,
Where I could
leap in moge pits,
rather than the
depths below.

A policeman
pulled up later
dropped his

with a sigh,
then radioed 
that he might need
an ambulance

standing  by.

A priest came by
and sprinkled me
with a holy
watered prayer,
I really didn’t
mind the spritz,
It was far wetter
down there.

Then suddenly 
I pondered
how these

strangers showed

they cared,
This world I'd felt
abandoned in
had brought
so many there.

So I nibbled
on a cookie,
and headed  off 
towards home,
convinced that
I was worthy,
and no longer
so alone.







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    • profile image

      seasoning 8 years ago

      you are worthy you are worthy..... do not jump