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Secret Admirer Part 4

Updated on August 31, 2011

Secret Admirer Part 4 - If you did not read part 1 - 3 this will make little sense to you. Enjoy!

Yvonne’s rounded hips and small waist line complemented the dark jeans and heels. ‘This should make a favorable impression on my secret admirer,’ Yvonne thinks as she stands admiring her outfit in the long mirror behind the bathroom door. The outfit was a Christmas gift from her older sister Ally. Yvonne looked up to Ally and often wished she had her sense of style and personality. Ally is cool in every situation and can be best described as a grass smoking, flower child from the sixties with hippie tendencies and still quite the dresser. Ally once walked in to church late, and up the center isle wearing a fire engine red dress with a slit up the side, cleavage for days, toting a matching bag and oversize hat. Yep, sexy as hell in church and that was the day she joined the Red Hatters.

The door bell rings and Yvonne hurries down the hall and through the living room to the front door. She opens the door to find Ally standing there with two margarita glasses and a brown paper bag. “Open up, it’s cold out here!” Ally walks in sideways, “Appletini anyone? I thought you could use some liquid encouragement.” Both women laugh. “Is that what you’re wearing,” Ally asks?

“Yeah, what’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing is wrong with if you put a jacket on. It looks familiar.”

“It should you gave it to me for Christmas.”

The two women sit at the kitchen table enjoying drinks and passing the time.

“Did I tell you the new director is a doll-baby?”

“No, what does he look like?”

“Well, he’s tall and chocolate and sort of looks like the actor Blair Underwood. As a matter of fact his last name is Underwood. Anyway, he confident and well built and has a little mustache and beautiful smile and…” before Yvonne could chime out another description Ally cuts her off.

“Confidence usually translates into arrogance for black men with money. You be sure to steer clear of him. He will only break your heart.”

Yvonne searches Ally’s face for the punch line. “What? Are you serious?”

“Naw, if you have the chance, girl you better get some, get some”. Ally chuckles as she downed the last sip her Apple Martini.

“Stop teasing! I can never tell when you serious. My 1st instinct is to run. My boss gave me his accounts to work on so I’ll have to work closely with him. I actually tried to turn her down.”

“Why, that sound exciting to work closely with a sexy doctor,” Ally smiles.

“Good looking men make me feel nervous. He makes me feel nervous.”


“I don’t know.”

“Well… I remember some Underwoods that lived in Charlotte Court. They were the nastiest little arrogant some bodies. They walked around with their noises up in the air as if they were better than everybody. And the mama had bad feet and walked on a walker. Do you remember them?” Ally asks.


“You were probably too young. They had a son a little older than you. He used to come over to the house and ask if you could come out and play. Jimmy is what they called him. Do you remember him?”

“I remember him vaguely.” Yvonne says nonchalantly. The truth was, she remember Jimmy all too well. He was her 1st kiss, 1st best friend and he gave her the 1st broken heart when he moved away. “Hi you goina just lump all people name Underwood together.” Yvonne chuckles at the sound of her own voice. The effects of the Apple Martinis have taken effect and her speech slurs. “This last Appletini wasn’t green. It just had some Tini without the apple.”

Ally laughs, “We ran out of the green stuff a while ago. Oops! Girl you are wasted. How are you supposed to meet Prince Charming tore-up?”

The door bell rings {{ding, dong}}. Yvonne glances down at her watch. “Oh no! Do you know its 6:30 already?” Yvonne says making her way back to the bathroom. “Get the door Ally.”

Ally stands on wobbling legs and makes her way to the door. “Maybe that’s him at the door and I’ll get to peep him out, see what he looks like.” To Ally’s surprise when she swung open the door, an older white gentleman stood dressed in all black. ‘You’ve got to be kidding me!’ Ally thinks. ‘This guy is the secret Admirer?’ Ally holds back a chuckle as she slowly opens the screen door.

The gentleman removed his hat before speaking, “Are you Yvonne? I’m your driver for the evening.” He smiles and steps to the side to allow Ally to open the door wider.

As the gentleman steps to the side Ally’s focus is then drawn to the car he has arrived in. There stretched out for about a block or more is the longest shiniest black limousine Ally had ever seen. Her eyes widen and her lower jaw drops.


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