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Secret Admirer Part1

Updated on November 24, 2009

Just as Yvonne stepped off the 2nd floor elevator, she was greeted by Annie. “Yvonne, did you see your flowers? They are beautiful! Someone’s been a good girl?” Annie’s eyebrows moved rapidly up and down as if she was suggesting Yvonne had done something dirty to be granted flowers.

Annie’s statement was more a question than an expression. “‘There are damn sure some nosy folks on my job, Yvonne thought to herself. I knew it would be a different world moving from the University’s main campus to this remote location, but I didn’t know that would mean inheriting a gaggle of hard up old, romance starved, groupies from ‘The View’. I accidently slipped and mentioned my pending divorce. Since then they have tried to set me up with every man from the UPS delivery guy to the vending machine boy. This one lady told me not to let the vending machine boy’s age bother me but to think of him as a Duracell Bunny that keeps going, and going, and going… She said so while winking and gently jabbing me in the side with her elbow. Geese! Have these people ever heard of Sexual Harassment? I know they mean well, it just that it has become embarrassing. I feel like the office joke”

Yvonne juggled purse, keys and umbrella to open the heavy door that separated her cubical from the hallway traffic. “One more day before Thanksgiving break,” Yvonne contemplated. Tucking her purse in her overhang Yvonne punches on the computer set for today’s agenda.

“(RING, RING) Yvonne snags the phone before the third ring. “Yvonne, could you come to the front? There is a delivery for you.” Julie states in a stern voice.

“I’ll be right there.” Yvonne hangs up the phone and head for the front offices. The front office where the Director and Associate Director’s offices are located is decorated differently. The front office seems like a completely different world where life size portraits decorated the walls and freshly upholstered furniture was made of real Mahogany and Cherry. This was a stark contrast to the recycle bins and copy machines that lined the walls in the back office where Yvonne sat.

As Yvonne turned the corner of the main receptionist desk, her mouth opened in Awe of the huge, beautiful bouquet of Roses completely hiding Julie’s face. One dozen, long stem Roses with baby’s breath and ferns, spread out like a huge fan, sat in a golden vase. The sweet fragrance lit up the front office and everyone smiled slightly as they passed by. “Julie, are you sure these are for me?” Yvonne asked knowing all the guys she knew were dirt cheap or too guarded to express themselves this way. Certainly her cheap ass soon to be Ex-husband would have never sent her a dozen roses. Hell he hadn’t sent her flowers in all their 12 years of marriage why would he do so now?

“Yes Yvonne, I’m sure. There is a card attached.” Julies states in a dull droll voice.

As a crowd of Yvonne’s co-workers gather around, she reaches in for the envelope, peals out the card that reads: “You know me not; fore I am your future. My name you’ve not spoken, not even in whispers. (Signed) SOON

“SOON? Soon isn’t a name! Is this a joke? Yvonne said out loud.

“Looks like you have a secret admirer.” Annie giggles.

‘I know this was meant to brighten my day but, this is more creepy than not.’ Yvonne lifts the vase and heads back to her desk. I’ll be damn if I give some creep the satisfaction of seeing me carrying this huge vase and roses across the parking lot this afternoon. I’ll keep them here on my desk until they wilt away. Therefore, I can share the romance with my dreamy eyed co-workers. ‘


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    • profile image

      Michael Phillips 8 years ago

      It was me, I sent the roses.

    • Dark Heart profile image

      Dark Heart 8 years ago

      That was great.

      Hey,what's wrong with the vending machine boy?

      He's a hottie.LOL

    • fastfreta profile image

      Alfreta Sailor 8 years ago from Southern California

      Very interesting, can't wait to read more. Very good hub.

    • Norel2 profile image

      Norel2 8 years ago from Lexington, KY

      Wow you and these stories lol! now is this really true mama?

    • profile image

      Alyson  8 years ago

      Good job, Yvonne! I am waiting for the next "chapter"!

    • dMarieFree profile image

      dMarieFree 8 years ago

      Well you sure do have my attention. I'm waiting anxiously for part 2, 3, etc cause I know there's more.