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What Is The Secret of Bigfoot?

Updated on October 30, 2018
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Chris has experienced many ups and downs in life and learned from an early age to see the humor in the world around him.

Bigfoot -A Brief Introduction

The legend of Bigfoot, sometimes referred to as Sasquatch, has been around for as long as America itself. Indeed, Native American folklore includes stories of large, hairy beasts that walk upright roaming the wilderness of North America.

The sightings continued on through the years, right on to the present day. Even now, with all the advances in the field of science and knowledge, there are still occasional bigfoot sightings around the country. We never seem to hear about them in the mainstream news media, but they are there none the less.

The Legend of Bigfoot

Bigfoot, or Sasquatch if you prefer, is a creature of legend (or is that myth? ) often associated with the Pacific Northwest. However, Bigfoot exists all over the continent and his cousin the Yeti has been known to roam the mountains and wilderness regions of Asia and Europe.

The sightings are always similar, regardless of where they occur. Somebody on a camping trip, or a wilderness hike will catch a glimpse of an ape like creature walking upright. Often they will produce a blurry photo as evidence. On rare occasions they will even find a clump of hair, or even a footprint to go with the photos. Difficult to refute proof of that caliber, even if DNA links the evidence to other wildlife.


Cable Television has Given Bigfoot a Home

We now have numerous television programs on cable that deal with the subject of Bigfoot. These shows all center on the premise of a group of people on a quest to find the elusive Big Foot, no doubt a difficult task.

Viewers get a chance to watch Bigfoot experts as they talk to eye witnesses and investigate locations where sightings took place. Seeing these experts in action is a sight to behold. They listen intently as witnesses share their experiences and then manage to immediately rule out any rational explanation. "You definitely saw Bigfoot", they will say.

Does Bigfoot Exist?

Do you believe in Bigfoot?

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Water is Essential to Wildlife

All living creatures require water to survive. Animals gather around water to eat and drink and many predators hunt near water for this same reason. So, it seems the best place to begin a search for Bigfoot would be near a water source.

My Quest to Find Bigfoot

This past fall I set out on my own personal quest to find the answer to the Bigfoot mystery. Sure, I know some people have made this into a lifelong quest, however I am honestly not that ambitious. A weekend seemed more my speed and so I set out on my adventure.

Considering that my Bigfoot expedition was only going to last two days, it was an obvious choice to begin the search near my home. There is a small lake beside a wooded area not too far from my home and I decided that would be the perfect place to conduct my search. After all, Bigfoot would surely choose to live near a source of fresh water and the woods would provide the perfect cover from the prying eyes of man.

Bigfoot Habitat?

The wooded area around this small lake seemed like an ideal area to locate Bigfoot.
The wooded area around this small lake seemed like an ideal area to locate Bigfoot. | Source

As I began to make my trek into the woods, I began to notice clues almost immediately. There was what appeared to be a trail leading back into the trees and since the nearest campground was miles away, I naturally arrived at the conclusion that our elusive Bigfoot must be nearby.

Further along the trail I encountered even more clues. There were empty food wrappers, several discarded aluminum cans and a dirty blanket. There was no doubt about it, I was standing in a Bigfoot camp. The creature was nowhere to be seen, but he had surely been there recently, there was no other plausible explanation. Two hours into my expedition and I was already on the right track. My heart was racing.

Into the Clearing

As I continued further along the trail, I emerged into a large clearing, several hundred yards in diameter. The clearing was round in shape and completely surrounded by the forest, sheilded from the view of the road. It was almost totally devoid of vegetation and must have been several hundred feet in diameter. I walked to the center of the clearing, pondering what purpose it served. Then I heard the sound overhead.

The Sky was the Key

As I looked up, I saw an airplane flying low overhead. Most likely on final approach to the nearby airport. And that is when the pieces began to fall into place. The reason we have such a difficult time finding Bigfoot is because he is not always here.

Bigfoot is an Alien

Yes folks, that is the conclusion that I reached on my expedition. The theory seems to make a lot of sense. If one considers that Bigfoot is sighted all around the world, yet we are never able to gather proof, then we must consider that we are looking in the wrong place. All the while, we have UFO sightings around the world, yet we have never found proof of the existence of aliens. There just might be a connection here, folks.

Sure, I know there will be skeptics out there. There will be those who say that big, hairy, ape like creatures would not have the ability for intergalactic travel, but those of us who have seen Star Wars know that the idea is not new. We watched Chewbacca prove that he was quite adept at guiding the Millennium Falcon across the universe.

A Realistic Scenario?

Just imagine Bigfoot landing his spacecraft in a clearing in Washington state. Numerous fishermen notice all the bright lights and put down their poles and beers, certain that E.T. has landed nearby. Meanwhile, the local Sheriff speeds out towards the Johnson place, where old man Johnson swears something spooked his cows something fierce.

Meanwhile, Bigfoot has exited his landing craft and is making his way down towards the pond behind the O'Leary barn, when something frightens him. It is a large, four legged creature speaking in some strange tongue. He immediately flees in the opposite direction, he had heard too many stories of the strange inhabitants of this planet, and darted across county road 5.

Sheriff Grady just caught a glimpse of Bigfoot in his headlights. He could not quite make out what it was, it darted back into the woods so quick. Perhaps his dash cam could have captured it on film, but he forgot to turn it back on after waking from his nap.

By the time Sheriff Grady stops his patrol car, grabs his rifle and heads off into the woods, Bigfoot is nearly a quarter mile away. He has been doing this for years and knows the drill. Once inside the safety of his spacecraft, he turns on the engines and guidance systems and heads towards the exploration camp in the Nevada desert.

In Conclusion

It is abundantly clear from my research that Bigfoot is an alien who travels back and forth between Earth and his home planet in a UFO. I have not yet pinpointed where he originates, but I suspect it is a planet much like ours, with lots of thick vegetation. As soon as my new telescope arrives from Amazon, I will begin to look deeper into this mystery.

Until then, next time you look up into the night sky, take a moment to reflect on just how far Bigfoot must travel just so we can possibly catch a glimpse, or maybe shoot a few minutes of grainy video.

© 2015 Christopher J Wood


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