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See You At The Top: A Summary Of Success

Updated on July 18, 2011
See you at the top!
See you at the top!

“See You At The Top” is a famous self help book written in the 1970’s. It’s author is motivational speaker and success coach, Zig Ziglar. In the book Mr. Ziglar describes the six steps to success.

The first of the six steps to success is “Self-Image”. In “See You At The Top” self image means viewing yourself as a confident and positive person. Self-Image is the building block of all of the other steps and Mr. Ziglar takes the reader through fifteen ways to improve your self image.

One of the ways that he recommends to improve self image is to count your blessings and write down “what is right with you”. Another is to dress for success. He says that if you feel that you are dressed well you will act with confidence.

The second step to success is “your relationship with others”. This section of the book lets us know that it is important to treat people how we would like to be treated, because relationships are often a reflection of who we are. If we treat others well, we are often treated well in return. The book then describes a study that found that successful people tend to get along with other people very well. Mr. Ziglar recommends reading a book titled “How To Win Friends and Influence People” as further reading on this step to the top.

The third step to the top in “See You At The Top” is to set goals. Mr. Ziglar recommends setting goals that are crystal clear and quantifiable. He also recommends setting a course of action to achieve those goals, and making adjustments to the plan along the way. He says that an airplane in flight does this exact same thing. It has a goal of a final destination and a plan to get there. However because of a number of different factors it must continuously make adjustments during its flight.

The fourth step is “attitude”. The book goes into great detail about how important attitude is. One of the recommendations found in the text is to think of “stop lights” or “red lights” as “go lights.” If you force yourself to think positively and focus on having a positive attitude whenever you see a “go light”, you are going to be reminding yourself to have a positive attitude very frequently.

The fifth step in “See You At The Top” is “Work”. Work is often viewed as negative. Zig Ziglar says that work is not the price to be paid for success it is the process to be enjoyed. The journey is the much larger part of being successful, instead of the destination.

The sixth and final step to the top is “desire”. Desire is the “emotional hunger” for success. It is the great equalizer that will give success to those people that have enough of it.

See You At The Top” will give its readers the exact steps needed to be successful. The book itself goes into great detail on exactly how to follow each of the steps. It will also provide several stories of both the success and failure of people who chose to heed the book’s advice and those who did not.


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