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Seeping Here Til Sunday

Updated on February 5, 2013

Infectiously your body is drawn

The lines are crooked,



ugliness seeping here til Sunday.

Dirt foiled all over you

To hide, enamels of deceit.

I’d invite you in

But I’ve just swept

And for some reason

The mud that drips

From you leaves stains all over

My shiny pristine floors

Every time you leave

I spend hours scrubbing

And then for weeks

No matter the effort

Grimy sticky dregs of your indecency

Is pushed between floorboards

And every crack and crevice is painted in your


It smells bad, and choking I find myself

On my knees I violently attack with

Wool and pour deodorizers all over

A cloud erupts and I run outside for fresh air.

No I tell you, when you ask to come in.

Stay outside I say

This is why I don’t answer your phone calls

Because in the face of my refusal you spite me

And rip up all my flowers

Be gone I say!! You evil yucky thing!

I planted each seed from findings in meadows from

Lands near and far.

You stomp and shout in my garden and your bark

Touches the ears of birds nesting in the forest

They leave behind their cracked eggs and forage forth

Sad to need new hearths.

My garden hose I pull out and aim at you.

you screech your madness as water compellingly strips you

As all the dirty death that held you together drips

and you taper off

When you dispatch,

the flowers that you destroy rot

blocked all attempts to resuscitate

meaningless in the eve

Of your heckling laughter.

In blessing my lips touch each one

And in tender song whispers so lovely are hardly heard

New vines sprout from seedlings found

And my skin darkens beneath the sunny rays

As my hands sink into the ground

And I forget

Your ugliness;

a mere flash back seen

With eyes coated in fury quelled.


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