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Self Exposure

Updated on June 3, 2017

The Investigator

Ms. Kelline Hendricks sauntered to her work station as some point after ten.

She wasn't the kind to play the Nine to Five gig, and because she was good
at her job no one was going to say anything which might ship her to a rival.

The files were there, paper folders with paste it names stuck to the front. The
folders would be reused until they were shreds.

Today, Ms. Hendricks was to vet Applicants for a position of Financial Officer
at a Name Brand company.

Ms. Hendricks knew that every applicant represented by a file would have all the on paper and hands on qualifications required. These items had already been

Her job was to find out who they were, really, what they were really.

She started the computer, entered her name and password, and when the opening page came up, went to Facebook.


As the Page came up, she became
Superkay, a hacker well known to

She didn't need to use her
'superpowers' in most cases.

The Applicants she would vet
usually had a Facebook page
in their actual names.

If they didn't, she'd search for pages in the names of their referrals. This
should point her in the direction of the Applicant, exposing the nick he
used, or the version of his name.

If that didn't work, and various versions of the names didn't turn up a page
she would place the file on the bottom of the pile, but tilt it Ninety degrees
and continue down the stack.

As most people had a Facebook page in their real names, most of the applicants were easily exposed.

What She's Looking For

Superkay's job was fairly easy; she was to disqualify unsuitable candidates.
Facebook was only the first step, but most often, it was the reason at least
half of the applicants were tossed.

There were Candidates who made posts to Facebook over ten times a day.
Most often, these persons were disqualifed.

Posting over three times in a day was questionable at the least.

Her question; what is being posted?

References to Academic/Social Issues? Condolences for Deaths?
Communication with people in other parts of the World of the generic kind?

Or is it political posturing, pointless debates on issues which prove the ignorance
of the poster? Or Photographs?

Superkay loved photographs. One picture speaks ... how many words?


The First Candidate was
quickly tossed into the
reject file.

Sure, he had all the
'on paper' qualifications.
Sure, he had work

But the number of photos
he posted of him dancing
with a female who looked
like she had a price tag
proved that this was not
someone who should be
dealing with the Company's

The Company, any Company, wants a dead serious number cruncher, not a person who thinks, or more precisely, doesn't think, before posting these kinds of photos for the world to see.

This wasn't a private page of blog Superkay had hacked. If it were it would
indicate the candidate was someone who knew how to keep his private and
public life separate.

No, these almost lewd images were posted on Facebook where anyone can see them.

To post such images on Facebook was a pure lack of judgement, hence, disqualification.

Subsequent Applicants

Applicant Two's page wasn't particularly interesting. Scanning down the first page there were posts from friends, nothing from Two, save a few comments.

She placed him into the pile of those who had no Facebook page. These
applicants would be subjected to a larger Search to find if they were on
dating sites, if they had blogs, or were virtually absent from the Web.

She moved on to Applicant Three who also had one of those 'Look at Me'
Facebook pages, so was disqualified.

Four was similar to Two.

Superkay went on and on until she had disqualified all but five of the Applicants doing no more than using Facebook.

She ran the five through various databases she had compiled, checking particularly nasty dating sites, although she assumed if they were on them, they would have used a Nickname.

She checked Criminal Record data bases, and what she labeled as 'Whack Sites' whether political, social or the kind that a serious Financial Officer would not
know exist much less join and participate.

At the end of her investigation, all five stood up to this level of scrutiny, and Superkay took her break.

Easy to Say No

The files that Ms. Hendricks completed were returned to the Human Resources Department of the Company which had hired her to investigate.

The applicants who had been disqualified would receive the standard
' regret' email.

The Applicants who remained viable, would be recalled by the prospective
employer and the choice made.

Candidates as Applicant One might wonder why he didn't get the job.

That is why he didn't get the job.

To make posts of rather unsuitable images on Facebook would not be done by
a prudent and thoughtful person.

That Applicant One made these posts and did not realise they were of such a nature as to reflect on his character, or lack thereof, meant he was unqualified to hold any upper or middle management position.

Until the day he realises this, he will never hold any upper level or middle
management position.

Day's Work

Ms. Hendricks completed three different companies before she left for the day
at Three fifteen.

She wondered if she should write a blog about the use Employers make of
Facebook, but then, it would make her job harder. She would actually have
to use her skills and her ability.

As long as all she had to do was visit Facebook and see people making
fools of themselves, there wasn't much pressure.


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