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Self Motivation

Updated on January 1, 2010

Self Motivation

It is a common saying that no man is an island, meaning that there is always a factor of dependency for one’s accomplishments. Some may look at it, as impressing those who have great them or just living up to the standard of one’s family or siblings. There are so many factors that make up the ideal role model but lately i have been thinking what is the use of a role model when in the end the accomplishments made are done by YOU and you alone.

Many of us have strong everlasting bonds among friends and most of us are very quick to say that such bonds cannot be broken. These peers act as your academic competitors and the ones who encourage you to do better. For me, these are my role models, the friends that aspire to not only themselves but also develop my confidence to do more.

There was a time when i was a kid, a time when you was a kid too, a time when we look unto others and onto people that excel in so many fields but most of my own peers and role models are now absent from my life. Obviously this gave me the greatest shock. Friends are now pursuing their own lifelong journeys and thus their journeys are different from mine.

I have stopped looking to friends for that dependence that i thought would have always been there and now i am on the verge of being SELF MOTIVATED. This is a lot of work because it needs self discipline, right sense of approach, understanding, patience and inspiration.

To be self motivated, you have to be constantly positive and remove negative thoughts from your mind. With this skill, you motivate your own self and naturally don’t depend on a role model to tell you that you are doing well.Self motivation is when you reach a point in life, carrying the cross all alone and you can say to yourself:


You will always be the better person, with this kind of mindset, eventually you will be the best. Thus self motivation is the key to practice when role models are nowhere to be found. Therefore, i urge you as you are opportune to read this today to stand up and be what you want to be.

I wish to share this with you from the bottom of my heart so folk,

Leave no stone untouched
Get focused and determined
Pursue your goal
Listen to no criticism
And always remember



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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 6 years ago from Biafra

      Thanks for your great insight Taiwon..Yes we can!

    • profile image

      Taiwo Owolabi 6 years ago

      This is fab! Life doesn't give us the way to be achievers of our dreams and those who 'one' depends on may not really get us through, but it takes self motivation to keep the song 'rikiti rakati rak, I know I can do it, yes I know I can make it' horning. More greasd to your elbow.