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Self Reflection

Updated on May 16, 2013

Who is to blame when things go wrong?
Brought to tears with every saddening song
But strength pulls you up sometimes
Realizing there’s no fault in your crimes

Life is how you learn what you want
The thing you need will always taunt
Always remember who you are
And your goals won’t be very far

Perception on a level you've never known
Caring for someone, you have always shown
Easy is not the path of the right
Good things come only with a fight

I wish I knew then what I know now
I know things get better but don’t know how
We become addicted to the things we hate
Not knowing that pain will be our fate

Simplicity in life is the only key
But complications are what make us see.
Happiness is a journey not a place
Hardship is something we must face

As I lay all lonely and sad
Mistakes I've made, the good I had
Without them I would never learn
And my passion would never burn

I see now that I am in charge
My decision never been so large
Who is it now that I will be?
Do I run, escape, or flee

Now is the time to stand my ground
To show the world what I have found
Respect those who help each other
But remember you are not their mother

People will make their own mistake
And have to live themselves, whether real or fake
Live your life as your own
Only you can learn from it as I have shown

Live your life only for you
This is the knowledge of only few.

"Life on this planet is very short"
"You live long enough to learn" is my retort.

But always be happy.

© 2013 Eric Niehoff


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