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Self-Reflective (A frog's Attempted limerick)

Updated on April 21, 2017

Arrogance, complacency, self-conceit, negative characteristics

Smugness, self-love, and pomposity, subjects of linguistics.

It only is loosely submitted

Vanity is so committed

It is only so reflective of royalty, affirmation of all the kingly statistics.

Those so pompous, the vain-glorious, the big-headed wear pompadours a lot

The excessively favorable, in the opinion of oneself, is a blot.

Not only a smudge on the nose

Exaggerated hitching of their clothes

All wear a label on their respective backs, one big and black reflective spot.

A circus-like attempt in regarding all life, as a hiatus of reality, trip to the fair

These highly egotistical products of a fantasy land, a make-believe affair.

Adults behaving like a child

Laughing out loud all the while

As they approach everything that they are to encounter without a single care.

Self-denial, a real prison in effect, never allowing any prisoners their escapes

Or as Fairyland mushrooms with windows and open doors, strangest shapes.

With their eyes so often closed, they pretend to see

Butterflies on flowers, birds in every tree

While all alone. the king, on his royal throne, frowns, as his robe so drapes.

I know who I am...just a well adjusted frog...
I know who I am...just a well adjusted frog...


all rights reserved and under copyright laws 2017



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    • whonunuwho profile imageAUTHOR


      15 months ago from United States

      My friend,threekeys, no one person has upset me to the point that I may not deal with it mentally. There are always those entities out there who make it a plan in trying to do so. This was addressed to them in hopes that they would do a little self-analysis and try to make amends. Thanks for your concern. Blessings. whonu

    • threekeys profile image


      15 months ago from Australia

      Whonu who has upset you? There are all kinds of people trying to get needs met. Some people go about meeting their needs that rub others the wrong way in trying to get those needs met. They may or may not realize it they have this effect. It sounds as if you have come across someone who needs to feel significant. Are you publishing your poetry still?


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