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Self Reliant Living Magazine-Backwoods Home-Sustainable Garden

Updated on May 7, 2011

Self Reliant Magazine-Backwoods Home

Over the years I have been a active subscriber to Backwoods Home magazine practical ideas for self reliant living. If fact I just received my latest issue #125. This 2 month issue is packed full of self reliant ways of living and I thought what a great opportunity to share some brief descriptions of the amazing articles in this magazine.

Publisher/Editor Dave Duffy is approaching over 20 years of publishing this terrific magazine and has many books of anthology of past years bi-monthly issues.

On this latest issues front cover of #125 are the topics:

  • Build a solar greeehouse
  • Raising JayDees's house
  • Chainsaw sharpening
  • Hunting small game
  • Build a pantry
  • Going whole hog - do it your self butchering

This is just a taste of the 115 page magazine of which i'll give a brief look into the contents.

The Issue

Each issue starts out with a listing by departments with approximatively 15 departments listed by page number making it easy to find the different regularly printed department articles like "Ask Jackie", "The irreverent joke page", or "The Gee Wiz page".

There is normally a brief paragraph about the cover page, listing credits or highlights to how the cover came into play for the current issue.

We then move on to the "Features" of the issue section. This issue #125 has sub-headings under the features heading of Self-reliance  listing 5 articles, Building with 2 articles listed, Food and recipes with 4 articles and Farm and garden with 1 article on "How we use our solar greenhouse". These too are listed by page number giving a quick flip to the page of interest.


The contents of this issue and others are updated on different ways and helpful styles of living, most with no costs or very minimal. A lot of the ways are being reintroduced although newer more economical means for future living also make for interesting reading. Some of the contents of this issue can be found online for a short period at the Backwoods Home website and I have provided a link to it below. Otherwise the issues have to be purchased and are well worth it for hours of pleasurable reading.


There is a nice classified section for buying and selling goods. Placing a ad order form is also included in that section if you have a service or something related to self reliant living for sale.


Near the end of the magazine is a listing of Anthology books starting from the first year the magazine was published in 1989-1991. Also Dave has a bigger selection of books on topics like Dairy Goats a beginners guide or Growing and Canning Your Own Food or Making a Living creating your own job

In Whole

Each bi-monthly issue of the Backwoods Home magazine carries a on hand experience of reliable information. Saving back issues for later reading is almost a must. This can be justified because most of the information passed on is timeless and has been passed from generation to generation but some of the information coming from first hand experience.

Backwoods Home is one of my favorite magazines of all time and I would highly recommend it if living off the grid or self reliant living life style is important to you.


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