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Updated on May 25, 2016

Omniscient, people are not. Omnipotent, people also are not. However, many think that they are. However, many act like they are. Their thoughts, their actions, bear effects. The effect of their thoughts is intimidation. The effect of their actions is manipulation. They intimidate to dictate other people. They manipulate to use other people. They deceive themselves and other people.

This deceptive behavior of many leads to their own self-destruction. Destruction that also harms other people. Destruction that takes people away from the truth. The truth that people are not omniscient. The truth that people are not omnipotent. No one among the people knows everything. No one among the people has the complete power. Each has its own ignorance. Each has its own incapability.

However, many reject this truth. Many reject their own selves. Many have forgotten that people have options. The option to conform, and the option to differ. To conform is to adopt the deceptive behavior. To differ is to embrace the truth.

This is the reason why people endlessly fight against each other. There are people who fight for their make-believe, and there are people who fight for the truth. However, amid this perpetual fight, the truth stands firm. The truth that is stated in this truthful ‘wake-up poem’.

One portion is not the wholeness of a view. One side is not the entirety of a portrait. The speck in one’s eye does not detect the smudge on another’s face. A person, even the self-declared authority, who is out of the line of another, comprehends less of what the other knows more about. Little understanding is not in the place to manipulate a specific knowledge.

A tale can be discerned in a different angle. An anecdote can be perceived in a dissimilar light. When a person holds the pen, its intellect creates a motion picture which cannot be plainly beheld by misguided mentality. Revision has not to come in when misapprehension calls for it as normalcy is not to be the reason when a man fits in himself a female simpleton.

A pair of complaints does not outweigh a number of compliments. The occurrence of rejection does not mean the disappearance of acceptance. Various brains travel the distance while some go around the same circle, thus, the one who has not been from another’s set of experiences is unlearned of what the other has been through. The incapacity of one does not point out the flaw of another.

Hearing is submitted to the sayer, not to the mouthed statement. Obedience is performed in accordance with emotion, not with rationality. It is folly that is known by many as affection but is found out by few as degradation. Lore cannot suit itself in a satisfied little mind as crooked pattern of thinking cannot swallow novel learning.

Pleasure, the opponent of truth, misleads progress. Liking, the rival of justness, warps growth. A stray faith does not have to rule sanity.

Aggression encounters resistance. Obstruction combats impetus. Reasonability ought not to yield to absurdity.

Lack of knowledge. Lack of understanding. These are not supposed to crumple correctness. These are not meant to hurl reality.

This poem, apparently, depicts the fight between people. The fight that leads to another fight. The fight between make-believe and truth.


Ae Clane


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