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Senior Year Version 2

Updated on December 22, 2011

Can't believe my senior year is almost over

Just wish me luck like a 4 leaf clover

White like a dove and blue like Grover

See these Vikings coming so you know its game over

Cap and gown on, I'm finally here

I'm ready for it all, I have no fear

Walk across the stage here at the t dome

Need to look good anybody gotta comb?

I'm looking back at all the memories

Feeling confident and fresh like febreze

It was a journey over some violent seas

So many good times as a high school student

Bad times too, just trying to stay prudent

Mistakes made, I was straight uprooted

Had to do work, had to get rebooted

Clean my act up, it was all polluted

But I took control, denied my demise

Thought about my future, saw it through my eyes

I made it through, found my motivation

Grades went up, like some kind of migration

Now I'm here at the end,

Writing thoughts with a pen

You know I can't stop, once I begin

My mind formulates verses randomly sometimes

And it just so happens that it methodically rhymes

Yeah a rap with no crap, I gotta mind with no binds

Rockin vans and a polo but don't call me Marco

Starting a fire, I ignite with no charcoal

We Graduates in lines like kind of like cargo

Hope we all get bank like a little Wells Fargo

I still can't believe how far I've made it

Thoughts of the past are so far that they're faded

12 years mountain that I had to climb

My whole life ahead of me, after summertime

Graduated c-o-11, and framed my diploma

The future is so close I can smell the aroma


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