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Mother' s Plea!

Updated on July 11, 2017

Here I am, jubliantly gyrating the lord of light
My joy knows no bound as I dance around him,
humming a tune of my very own.
I adorn my pretty self, with blues , emeralds,ochre and reds,
scintillating throughout my existence!
Doing the mundane circles
are my camarilla of eight,
Oblivious to my pride
Dignity and worthiness!
Yes!My pride, for I possess
the inestimable, of which
they are deprived!
When I utter 'inestimable',have no doubt, I talk about Life!
That which rose from whiff and Adam' s ale
That which is enthroned with senses by the transmundane!
I ingeneously nurture every being in me,
Fairyfly to the Shrew.
Miniscule Goby and the behemothic whale in blue.
Golden Pheasant to macaw
Lorikeet and Hoopoe!
From the bloodthirsty beasts to the comely Gerbil
Most of all I embrace,
Humans ! That is you !
For all the reasons that you know
Your enormous power to conceptualize
Your unbounded heart filled with benevolence
Your merciful core that can forgive
Your enlightened self that grows!
Oh human! Your virtues seem to be
my colossal strength!
Hear me out ,now as I sense
Your precious race is lost in ignorance.
For I am your mother ,I am duty bound
I ought to awaken you
from the loathsome guesstimation
that has engulfed your childlike mind
Shun the toxic thought
And begin to believe
that the almighty is one
and not many
You are a powerful soul as brilliant as
in millions.
You gain eternal tranquility
Not alone but as one!
I bear the mass of your existence
with all the love I have.
And not can I endure the ashes
caused by vainglory and spite!
I tremble , I shudder
Pained by your act of terror
I am your mother
I am dutybound
I ought to tell you why!
Wake up oh human souls!
Cleanse the core of your heart!
Your mother has a plea
Her wish is for you to let live
and survive!


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    • profile image

      Roopa Prasad 6 months ago

      Thank U so much Hari! bothers me see where the world is heading !

    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 6 months ago from Bangalore


      Excellent poem on mother earth. Welcome to hubpages.

      ignorance has captured us, insane,

      in its flight, have we lost being humane.?

      Lest we can do is to fall flat,

      And remoursefully, embrace the mother earth.

      - hari