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Separate Your Work Time From Leisure Time to be Productive

Updated on December 26, 2013


Disadvantages of working with computer

One of the disadvantages associated with contemporary methods of writing such as typing your ideas on computer is that your attention could be distracted from your work. Because you can use the computer for several other activities such as playing music, computer games, watching movies, internet (social media), working on your computer can sometimes reduce your productivity. You may be tempted to install all these software on your computer that may only become a distraction to you as you work. Instead of finding positive solutions to work problems, you may always come up with self-excuses to watch or download a movie, play a video game etc.

Separate your work time from Leisure time

In order not to deviate from your main objective or work activities, you should be able to separate your work time from Leisure time. The following would provide you with some few ideas on how.

The computer should always remind you of work.

It is necessary that you draw a distinction between work time and Leisure time. A great way to do this is to use your tools for working only for working and nothing else apart from that. In other words, you can be more productive if you use the computer only for working and not for doing other entertainment stuff. In doing so any time you sit behind your computer, your mind is always primed towards work. When you use the computer for other stuff like watching videos and playing music, you end up always deviating from your work. You can also make your writing interesting by using your computer solely for work and not as a source of entertainment. You can completely focus on the work. You are not distracted from your work.

Alternatively, you could choose to use your laptop to work and the desktop to entertain yourself or vice versa - that is if you have two computers. This can help you to be more productive in your work by helping you to draw a distinction between work and Leisure or your working period and recreational period.

Keeping a working computer means only installing computer software or applications that are necessary for your work. Keeping on your computer software that relates to your line of work (and in this case writing software) helps to keep you focused on your work. Anytime, you see the computer or whenever you on the computer, it reminds you of your working activities you and inspires you to work.

Advantages- using computer solely for work

When you have a separate working computer, it will help you to be more productive because anytime you sit behind the computer; the one thing that comes into your mind is work. This can influence your work and productivity greatly. It can help you to get serious with your work. It can be way of avoiding addictive and time-wasting stuff that could conflict with your work. These include computer games, movies etc.

That is to say anytime you want to start playing game or doing other things on your computer other than writing (like watching a movie or listening to music) you would feel somewhat incomplete; you feel that something hasn't been done.

Create a time table and Stick to your writing schedules

If you have just one computer or if your computer is your only recreational device, you can still maintain focus on the work and improve productivity by separating the hours of work from the recreational or your relaxation periods.

Creating a timetable will enable you to separate the working period from the leisure period. It will also help to make the writing process interesting. Create a time and put all your writing schedules as well as the leisure period. Including your favorite or relaxation activities on the timetable helps you to use your time productively and wisely. This will keep you in total control of your work.

It requires much discipline to stick to your work timetable.*Some people can actually put the two (work and leisure period) together or blend them and not affect their workproductivity.If you are not for that and know that you are addicted to any particular recreational software on your computer, it would be more appropriate if you can separate the two.If you are not in the position to delete the favorite software from your computer, you must be disciplined enough to stick to your timetable and the time allocated to each activity on your timetable. Be careful not to merge work and leisure period.

After creating the timetable, make sure that you stick to your rules. This is to say that, do not allow the work time to eat into the leisure period and vice versa. You can set the alarm on your computer to remind you of the leisure times and working period and try to obey or stick to it. This will make you more disciplined and productive. This is helpful for people who may only have one computer for both writing and leisure.

Choose Physical Relaxation Activities

When having one work computer, you can also separate your work period from leisure period by choosing physical relaxation activities instead of virtual game playing or movie watching that will keep you stuck to the computer and make going back to article writing. Getting involved in physical relaxation activities will keep you away from the computer and you will come up with more ideas to your work. It also will help you to relax your eyes a little bit. You will be able to avoid other health risks associated with spending long hours behind the computer.

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