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Seriously let down.

Updated on October 11, 2015

Time has come.

When a child lets you down
What's left to do
Makes you feel like a failure
feeling quite blue
Catch them smoking dope
They deny it to the death
leaves you short of breath.
Backwards and forwards
Lying to the end
You love the child dearly
But how can you defend
They accuse all others
Everyone else is wrong
Been here before
A familiar old song.
Everyone is lying
Everyone is bare faced
Their honour and belief
It's left behind,a disgrace.
Causing fights
Rather than admit
The truth of the matter
Better taking the hit.
Family breaks up
cause they doubt who to believe
It's awful to the extent
Sick to the back teeth.
Eventually for harmony
I agreed to disagree
Very unusual
Definitely not me.
Saw all my family
At each other's throats
What I did that day
Definitely won votes.

My worst time.

The day I found out my family member was on drugs,the hardest day I've came across as a Dad.I was committed to not only stopping them from doing drugs again,but to also understand why they felt the need to do what they did.Some people told me it was only (Smoke, or Green), drugs are drugs to me,I make not difference between inevitably can lead to another,then life as that person knows it,irrevocably turns in to shit.Our house that week was terrible,behind the scenes bickering,countless dirty looks between all involved.The way the atmosphere changed in my house that week made me go on the worst downer I've ever been on.ive never felt so low as I did that week.i tried and tried to get the person to admit what they did,but they were more intent on saving face that saving the family unit,which is quite often the actions of a selfish drug user.nothing else matters,except maintaining their personal outer fake image they've portrayed over the years.

Modern World.

Agree to disagree!!

i did this for peace,I did this for harmony.i don't know if I betrayed my own principals and beliefs.i felt my whole family unit slowly break down to the point of possible no return,before I took advice from one wiser than myself."maybe you need to compromise to end the ordeal"? I didn't initially see why it had to be me that made peace,instead of the actual drug user them self,but I did to be the bigger person.As I realised what type of person I was dealing with,with no compunction or morals about wrecking relationships to save face,I thought it was the better of two evils to do it.Because one thing was for sure,the instigator of the drama had clearly no intentions of admitting what they had done.

The message is lost.

Let go a second.

i always feel,I'm morally sound

know right from wrong,which way is round

deal with the bad,replace with the good

redardless of my feelings,or whatever the mood.

try guiding and leading my kids down the good path

try setting them straight,occasionally have a laugh.

not always easy,I've struggled on occasion

battling to keep out the bad feeling invasion

ups and downs,smiles and a grin

tears and laughter,replacing the din.

an equalibrium is what I seek

for all people to be level headed

in their future a peek.

hope I see them fair well,

and be good

not struggling with everything,

a happier mood.

Modern problems.

most people in life will come across drugs in some fashion,whether legally of illegally.on tv or in real life.There are so many drugs out there now it's practically impossible to keep track of them all.New drugs appear on the market each and every day.The latest drug to tempt out teens is ( legal highs), they have hit the Uk with a bang,Lots of kids are dying because they don't know what ingredients are involved in the shiny tempting small packets.The government are trying their best most of the time,but no sooner do they ban one high,it's quickly replaced with another,the companies who manufacture the legal highs change one ingredient to escape the banning legislation.these companies ,I think need to be stopped at the source,certain countries who know and allow the production need to do more to stop these drugs being produced.The British government is always in talks with other countries trying to get the production stopped,sometimes it looks like they are losing the battle.

On tv today.

on tv today,a woman in tears

her daughter died,confirming her fears.

took legal highs with some of her friends

typical teenager,trying the new trends

before long her body,just gave up the fight

dying in a club,on a memorable night.

Mum on tv,tears streaming down her cheek

in terms of her life,definitely her worst week.

dying before your child,it's just not right

makes you think of giving up the fight.

waking each day,knowing they are not there

life is often cruel and very unfair.

Enough being done?

If politicians in power and were forced to tell the truth.could any of them stand up and say with confidence," we have done our best".I would be very surprised if that could ever happen.ive not got a great opinion of politicians in general,but over the years I've tended to believe they never do anything unless it benefits themselves,or their party.Ive watched Labour in power,Tories in power,they all seem to churn out the same policies that are inefficient to keep up with ,and tackle a problem that's fast getting out of control.The Politicians miracle solution years ago was to introduce Methodone as a replacement for the drug being used.In my experience with drug users,most after being to the chemist top up their daily dose of Methodone with other drugs.Quite often the Methodone problem has caused a few deaths.Experts often argue that Methodone is more potent than the drug they are trying to get of off in the first place.Clearly this is a huge problem that no expert or Government official seems to be able to fix.

No getting through.

Methodone or more Money?

What's the cure for the drug problem?

See results

Decades of destruction,

drugs have been around for a long time now.started off in the 1960s with a few,now in present time there are thousands of drugs.One constant fixture over the years is,no one or political party seems to have the solution to stop this decades old issue.Its been an ever present through generation after generation.And it looks as if it's here to stay.People I know don't want to come off drugs,what's their cure? People I know do want to come off,but they can't get help unless the go on a daytime tv show and lower and debase themselves even more ,for the rehab.Its a hard and often heated debate ,and a controversial subject.Drugs have affected a couple of generations of my family already,I think it's going to be here for many generations to come.Thats the sad fact of the matter.


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    • bigj1969 profile image

      John Marshall 2 years ago from glasgow

      Thanks for the comment truthfornow,I appreciate it .

    • truthfornow profile image

      truthfornow 2 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      I think drugs has to be hard on both family members and friends. I never have used them, but I know plenty of people who did. At the end of the day, the drugs brought nothing positive to their lives. It is not the parents' fault. It is now a part of our culture and the peer pressure is a lot. People think you are square now if you don't smoke pot. I guess I am a square lol.