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Taylamade: Set Me Free

Updated on June 1, 2011
free as a bird back then
free as a bird back then | Source

Just My Thoughts: Set Me Free

Laughing out loud in the silence because its not funny no more. Ironic isn't it but some days I just don't want to share tears with the floor...My cries go unnoticed so I must be invisible.. walking around with this baggage and it feels like there is an anchor inside. Holding me down with every step there is a shortness in my breaths.. I want to run but I can barely walk, barely breath, barely talk... this baggage has weighed down my spirit inside.. No matter what I do it isn't going to break even so my mind keeps running leaving me behind.. Sitting on a beach with my feet in the sand.. The blue ocean waters rush up to engulf me.. Wash away the dirt.. take the pain with you too.. Alas that part is only a dream because I wake up to see that baggage still in tow with me.. Anchored and heavier it becomes because I been tugging along something I can't let go of.. A bag lady worn from bad memories and new injuries. Someone take these chains off of me.. I WANT WITH DESPERATION to be FREEEEEEEE!! I am not though so I worry myself with where to hide the truths.. The truth is you bury all that bad stuff for so long it becomes the ghost in your life..haunting you no matter where you turn.. So fine then I will keep towing you with me unable to shake the agony...Just set me free.. Laughing out loud in the silence because crying in the presence of people don't work no more.. So anger builds with the deperation to form insanity.. Just set me free...I just want to be sober

-Thx Tiyona for that inspired a new one.


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