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Setting Up the Perfect Writing Space

Updated on February 6, 2018

Every great writer knows that finding a good place to write is essential to creating something that stands out. After all, if the writer is uncomfortable, it can make it very hard to concentrate. Everyone has his or her own ideas on the perfect place. Here are some suggestions to help plan a space that works best for you.

The Space

The first step in creating a writing space is finding the actual space. Whether you have an entire room dedicated to writing, or just a corner set aside, it is important to keep a few things in mind. First, make sure you have enough room to work comfortably. If you work on the computer, and like to have your notes spread out, a dinner tray or a corner of the kitchen table will not work very well. Next, make sure you have a chair that supports your back. Sitting at a computer or a desk for long periods of time can cause back and neck pain. If you already have back problems, back support is especially important for you. Consider a chair with extra padding to help alleviate the strain. Last, make sure your room is away from distractions. If the kids are going to be in the living room watching television and playing Wii, you probably do not want that to be your work area. Make sure to choose a spot that allows you to have quiet, undisturbed time for writing.

The Ambiance

Consider the feeling your writing space produces in you. If you feel like leaning over the desk and taking a nap, that could be a sign that you need to liven the place up. Surround yourself with good, natural lighting if possible. If not, get lights that can create a brighter room. Paint the room a cheerful color. Place pictures on the wall that inspire you. Maybe include a section with inspiring quotes. Also, consider the sounds in your space. Do you need music to write? Alternatively, do you need quiet?

The Tools

Make sure your writing space has all the tools you need to create your masterpieces. If you type while writing, you will need your laptop or desktop computer. Likewise, you will need your notebooks and pencils for writing by hand. Do you use a dictionary or thesaurus to help you develop those intriguing phrases? Make sure you have them on hand if you do. Do you need a place to put your notes? Perhaps you are writing something that requires a little research. If that is the case, you will need the books or articles to use in your piece.

The Rules

The last thing to consider is the rules for your writing space. Set up a time that is yours and yours alone, for writing. Make sure that your spouse, friends, roommate, children, or anyone else who may find himself or herself in your presence knows that this is your time to write. Also, make sure that these people know what can and cannot be moved or changed in your space.

By following these tips, it can be very easy to create a place that gets those creative juices flowing.


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    • ErinPittman profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice article. :)

    • ErinPittman profile image


      7 years ago

      Nice article. :)

    • daisyf1305 profile image

      Daisy Fabelo 

      7 years ago from miami beach

      SO true Mary the funny thing is I came to beleive that in the end it's your writing space/place.

      Stepehn King wrote greats like Carrie in his laundry room, that was no bigger than a small walk in closet.

      It is how we organize ourselves to doing it. I for one tend to give myself a whole lot of excuses not to finish my words. Starting new ones and dabbling in other things. I know this is why I wasn't successful before, now I am head on doing it. No more un-finsihed work. I write anywhere and everywhere.

      thanks for these great words..

    • janikon profile image


      7 years ago from Canada

      I've turned my room into my writing space - have a giant cork-board where I pin-up different clippings that help with whatever I am writing. Also different playlists that have worked well to keep the writing juices flowing.

      And an old couch to lounge on when the writing chair makes my ass hurt.

    • rwelton profile image


      7 years ago from Sacramento CA

      Good points. I know a professional author that rents a room at a hotel in a city nearby and holes up there for days until she breaks past her 'block'.


    • J.S.Matthew profile image

      JS Matthew 

      7 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      I have all of the above taken care of, except the rules! I find it very hard sometimes to maintain the discipline of frequent writing. I do a lot of social activity on HubPages and I realize that I don't create as much as I'd like to. This Hub has made me think about writing on a regular basis. Thanks for posting and welcome to HubPages!


    • k9charlee profile image


      7 years ago

      I've just finished setting up my writing space. I've also found that I work best in the mornings or early afternoons, so that's my "quiet time."

    • PiaC profile image


      7 years ago from Oakland, CA

      I have been contemplating this myself. There are spaces that seem very conducive to writing, and spaces that seem really unworkable for any creative effort. For me, a good sized desk that is friendly to my posture, a good chair, quietness and great lighting all feel like must-haves for a writing space.


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