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7 Veritable Ways to Write for income

Updated on October 20, 2012

Previously I have written about some ways to earn income online though writing. Several of my articles cover conclusively Freelance writing. You can check out my freelance writing hubs as well as online income earning opportunity hubs. For newbies, you may want to check out my other hubs on guides to writing and earning with Hub Pages. This article however, includes both online and offline means of earning money through writing. If you love writing, than you are a marketable commodity already.

There are countless ways you can make money online and offline as a freelancer. Believe it or not, there are webmasters, business owners or organizations looking for writers who are committed to writing high quality web contents for their sites, press releases or promotional articles about their products in their magazines or journals. Some of these people are very busy people who find it quit handful to maintain their website with fresh updates, site and business promotions and so on. That is where you come into the scene as a freelance writer. What you need is your interest to write for the site or business owner and your skills and expertise and depth of knowledge in a particular field and of course bit of proper English writing skills. Put them all together and you are ready to produce original rich- web contents for a web masters or business owners or even local organizations who will then pay you for your effort. This is really a win-win situation if you do it carefully. It is a lucrative income earning opportunity many fail to see. Sounds exciting huh!

The basic things you need to start off are (1) Good knowledge of English language. Most of the cyber communications use English s language. That’s why you need to know English if you are to write properly and convince your clients and the web masters that you are worthy of their money. (2) Build your portfolio by writing for sites like Hub Pages or other e-zines and online self-publishing sites or magazines. Write for local magazines and journals. All in the name to build your writing portfolio.

Online success don’t come overnight. This you must not only be aware off but must accept as a reality in your heart. For a first timer, your earnings will not be as high as the veteran freelance writers. This is a start. The high income earning freelance writers started low just like you. So why give up early when you really haven’t tested the true depth of freelance writing world. Keep writing and try to build a brand for yourself.

A common mistake I often observed from new freelance writers is that most of them don’t understand how many jobs are available in the writing field for him or her. Successful freelance writers don’t throw their eggs into one basket. Instead they throw their eggs into different baskets. This is what you should do. For instance, if you sign up for Hub pages, also sign up for other publising sites as well. That’s what I mean by throwing your eggs in different baskets.

There are many ways you can earn online. Below are just a few I have listed for you

1. Article Writing

Is the most common type of work I see many webmasters seeking to hire freelance writers. If you are knowledgeable and skilled in a particular topic or niche, for example food, fashion and beauty or technology, you can write for income. You can write about anything as long as you meet the requirements of the site owners. You can also write for local scientific or literary journals or special interest magazines like sports, traveling etc. Income for article writing varies from site to site and is strongly dependent on the quality of articles you produce.

2. Business writing

This is a highly paid means of earning income online. However, you have to be well versed with knowledge of business writing. You can write for commercial business magazines, advertisements, newspapers and professional copy writing. There can be on or offline business writing opportunities so keep your eyes and ears open every you go.

3. Freelance writing

Personally, this is what I do for living. I started with Hub Pages and from their learnt a great deal about freelance writing and there widened my income earning scope by searching for freelance writing jobs elsewhere. You can write just about anything under the sun. But if you want to make money. Write for a target audience or find a niche that suit you and your readers’ interest. Learn to write selflessly for your readers. You readers are the ones that will bring money into your wallet so care enough for them to write articles that will meet their needs and wants. Payment varies considerable from site to site. As a freelance writer, you should keep in trend with development in technology so as you stay buoyant and competitive. Freelance writing opportunities can be available on and offline so watch out for that.

4. Online writing

If you are a freelance writer who write for websites or e-zine, than you are into online writing as well. You can do ghost blogging; write articles, poetries, short stories, eBooks and more. Like freelance writing, your income increases with as you increase your skills and writing history. In a nutshell, it is all about building a portfolio and mastering the art of online writing skills.

5. Journal writing

Journal writing requires proper research and documentation skills. Most often journal are read widely across the globe. There the people that manage the journal maintain high level of quality. Both the quality of information and presentation of the information. There many scientific and literary journals in available in almost every country in the world. Some are online and others are offline. Seek them out and join them.

6. Academic writing

Personally this is the more difficult market to enter especially if you are a newbie. Those that enter this market are scientist, social scientist or rather, academics. Those that have profound fiend experience in an industry or book writers are preferred for this market. So my best advice is to give yourself to build a solid writing portfolio before you try this market. Payment is always good as the emphasis for quality is paramount.

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7. Sales-copy writing

Personally this is the best means of writing for income of I prefer. Payment for being a copywriter is much better than others discussed above. The secret behind success as a copywriter is nothing more than knowing how to manipulate your reader with your creativity making him go “Huh, that’s me”. Speed and accuracy is highly required. Above all learn to write professionally and to specific audience or readers.There are also various types of paid writing jobs like Erotica, script-writing, game instruction and technical writing, blogs, reviews, “blurbs” such as greeting cards, and many, many more.

Let's end it here

Seven ways to earn income through writing has been meticulously discussed. Each of the income earning opportunities discussed will have their own requirements. Save your time and effort by seeking out the necessary guidelines required to write for them. For websites, blog or e-zine, always consult their policies or Q&A sections to know more about those sites.

I wish you well in your writing career.


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    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea


      Thank you.

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      Ttiifo 5 years ago

      Very useful info

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      Thankyou Victoria for reading, commenting and sharing my hub.

    • Ian Dabasori Hetr profile image

      Ian D Hetri 5 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Thankyou Victoria for reading, commenting and sharing my hub.

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      Angelo52 5 years ago from Central Florida

      Very interesting and great ideas for the freelance writer - beginner or not! Voted up and shared.

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      Wow! Excellent piece of information. I was surprised to see so many types of online writing. Thanks for sharing and voted up !

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      Great information. Well presented. Sharing this one!

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      great info. keep it up