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Severus Snape, The reluctant Hero.

Updated on January 12, 2012

Severus Snape-Hero of our time

Severus Snape was created from the brilliant mind of J.K. Rowling, The "mother" of Harry Potter. She based the character upon a teacher she had when in school, making Snape seem as unpleasant as her teacher had been, but in reality there was more to Snape then any of us had ever imagined...

Severus Snape was first introduced into the series as an antagonist to Harry...He was cruel and snarky and didn't seem to care to much for Harry at all, though many of his actions (such as trying to save Harry during the Quidditch match) said otherwise. As the series progressed we were able to see the character develope from the mean potions master to the more open and fragile soul he was. Snape was able to put up his walls, but Harry was able to get a glimpse into his past during an Occlumency lesson in his fifth year where he saw the abuse Snape suffered in his younger years, especially at the hands of Harry's own father, James Potter. The character was later revealed to have had feelings for Harry's mother Lily, and out of love for her, he risked his own life as a double spy and doing all he could to save Harry...coming to actually care for Harry because he could see Lily in him... When Snape was killed in the last installment of the series it came as a blow to Harry, but fans could see that Snape was at peace with his death because in a way he was able to be free from his suffering and able to join Lily. His last vision on earth was Harry's eyes, his mother's eyes, a running line in the series.

Severus Snape (played by Actor Alan Rickman)
Severus Snape (played by Actor Alan Rickman)

The Character of Snape was made all the more enjoyable by the portrayal of him in the movies by British actor Alan Rickman, also known for his work in Rasputin, Robin Hood, and Die hard.

The Actor was asked to play Snape and upon reading the script realized he could make the character as mean and vicious as he wanted, something he specialized in as he almost always was the Villain.

His portrayal of Snape has won the character many fan, not to mention more Fan girls then any other character in Harry Potter and Twilight combined. Due to his performance Mr.Rickman won the MTV Harry Potter Character Award at the Deathly Hallows 2 premier.

J.K. Rowling has been straight out and has said that Snape was her favorite character to write and that in a way it was more Snape's story towards the end then Harry's.

Though Harry Potter is over and the actors have gone onto other projects, The characters they created will live on, Snape will never be forgotten and we all know that as long as their are generations reading Harry Potter, Snape will live on.


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