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Shadow Monkeys

Updated on October 5, 2014

Shadows on my wall.
Shadows down the hall.
Shadows during the day and the night.
Shadows waiting to give someone a fright.
Shadows moving on their own
following you where ever you may roam.

Oh, wow!  Did you just see that?
It is like a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat!
My eyes must be playing tricks on me.
What else could it be?
Seeing shadows cross the floor
where there was not a shadow before.

Is it a trick of the moonlight?
Why does it happen with the sun shining bright?
As I watch the shadows play,
they no longer frighten me.
I look down the hall
and see one shadow standing tall.

I wonder what it could be?
It’s almost like it is looking back at me.
I close my eyes and open them again,
I swear I can feel it grin!
I wonder if it is a ghost?
Maybe a goblin, gremlin, or hoax?

Curiosity gets the best of me
as I wonder what the shadow could be.
I move forward without a care
but it disappears just before I get there.
But how can that be?
The only things that moved was me.

The shadow may be gone
but I am not alone.
A whisper in my ear
to let me know that you are still here.
A kiss on my skin
I know you will be back again.

Has my imagination gone wild?
Like it did when I was a child.
Is it so wrong to believe
in the things that aren’t supposed to be?
Is this just my mind’s way to cope?
Or my heart’s way to hope?

I still wonder what to call
the playful shadows on my wall.
Like mischievous children
they take your things and hide them.
For all the playful behavior they have shown,
as Shadow Monkeys they shall be known.

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