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Shadow Within Her Light

Updated on November 8, 2016

Shapes of snake, wake me before the quake. She sneaks off and out into a creation where the sapphire light doesn’t try and fight within her night. Mother of smile, mother of the maker within I, help me to witness the world inside glistening cleanliness, untold! Our world is falling apart, but there she stands. Position strong within every element of breath beyond blood. Shapes of snake, mother confide within the abdomen of it all, please; please before I fall! Mama divine, you are far too fine to touch. Sneak out toward a desolate field; um, letting free her virgin barks! Laughter and fright, she comes undone, discovering herself within shapes of snake. Mother; mama, I am here! Shapes of snake, coil around and around the mountaintop of shoulders aroused. Sit up and awaken! My mother has chosen to live and I, I alone echo within her light.


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