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Shadow that Blends with the Wall- A poem about a lack of connection

Updated on April 13, 2013

Title: Shadow the Blends with the Wall

I just want to feel you care
Absorbed by everything there
Where yesterday I was your everything
Today I'm just an obstacle
Can I please just feel your eyes
I'm forgetting what it's like
When once upon a time I captured your thoughts
Just like that I'm made a memory
The last time I felt your lips
A hidden tear; it's what I miss
A taste of passion; a sense you need
You're my ticking heart; the air I breathe
And yet now when I stand before you
It's like I'm a shadow that blends along the wall
I can only pray you will start to see
While I'm far from perfect; my core is you and me
And each time I sit alone; taking in the time
Leaves a heart that beats slowly dying; hoping time will find
A way to cure all you can't see;
Cause nothing feels like we do; locked to each others eyes
It's something only we share and I hope you never let go
Cause I know we'd be lost; so very lost apart.


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    • shanmarie profile image

      Shannon 4 years ago from Texas

      That is heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time.

    • SMonaghan119 profile image

      Sean 4 years ago from PA

      Can't know beauty and love without pain, the two go together. Thank you for taking the time to compliment my writing. appreciate it.

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