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...Shadows Short and Tall...

Updated on June 30, 2011

New Moon

In the span of a day the scope of reality can change so much that the shifts of light that used to be are no longer bright but pass and leave their shadows long against the dusk of the day. Music strummed from the pavilion of the beach echoes into the corridors of my memory and Mermaids surface in the sea far beyond the shore. They are calling me {yes, they are real in my mind, my writer's imagination lives there on the East Coast with them} and they are whispering on the winds that carry over the water to meet my open mind.

The power of the things I have been writing is coming to pass. The more I see walk towards me "in the flesh" of my reality the more I know how important it is for me to write out the "blueprints" and be sure that I take out the negative stuff, and replace it with neutral or positive substitutions. I see the forms come from the mist of my mind and what will truly make me happy is always fighting to be recognized and honored.

Although I am currently exhausted with issues and neurosis of the lives that intersect with mine, I have taken this responsibility to be responsible for them, for helping them and for honoring myself enough that I am responsible for how I feel, or am going to feel, as well. If what I am doing, no matter what that may be, feels wrong, draining or otherwise detrimental to my health - if any of this occurs for too long the exhaustion sets in and I will literally crawl out of my skin.

Being a "Scorpio" I pay attention to cycles of Life, Death and Rebirth quite closely. I have been learning how to be comfortable with the three phases and all astrological association aside, as human beings we all want to understand the processes of these three phases. The very moon in the sky shows us the nature of the turning from full to dark to being the New Moon...what exactly does that mean? To be simple - just the start of another cycle.


"Change is the essence of life. Be willing to surrender what you are, for what you could become." ~ Unknown

Until Next Time



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  • profile image

    S.A. Hussey 

    7 years ago

    Another cycle, indeed. Between the moons and the multiple eclipses - I feel like a stranger in an odd world. Life, death - rebirth. Yeah it's been that way for several months now. People I truly loved have come and gone in my life and I died. Oh they are alive, but they've decided for whatever their reasons to just leave. I can handle death, I can handle life but rebirth is hard. To know that another one will leave without word, without reason. This is hard for me as my Scorpio side says it needs an answer. Why did they leave? Why? Why? Was it me? Did I do or say something wrong? Or, was it just time for us to change paths and the universe did it for us.

    An old saying comes to mind..."when one door closes another opens". I lost some beautiful people but I have met new people- new angels sent to teach me new things - things the other ones couldn't.

    I have to release the memories of old to time...


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