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Shadows a poem by me

Updated on February 20, 2012


In the shadow of darkness I travel alone, thoughts of despair follow me home.

A torn heart rages in pain, a doubtfull mind embraces the insane.

A broken spirit beyond repair, eyes that see nothing in the middle of no where.

My voice is silent no words remain, the sound destroyed by violence and pain.

I stand on the edge and look below, should I stay or should I go?

In a world of cruelty, my life was forsaken, an empty vessel when my soul was taken.

Night whispers to my heart with a sinister song, in the darkness and shadows is where I belong.


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    • Barnsey profile image

      Barnsey 6 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      Are you okay? If you need someone to talk to Barnsey is always here for you. I think I have written this very same poem in a hundred variations in both song when i was in bands and in poems when I was missing a girlfriend. Suicide is not an answer, it is an escape. You dont get to choose when you get to "Go".