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Shattered Mirror

Updated on November 12, 2012

Dazed and Confused

Generations | Source

Caught between what should be and what is.

At some point we all stand before the mirror to take a look

At all the achievements we have accomplished

Stand tall and proud for we are who we are

Sometimes as we stand in front of the mirror and so do others

We stare at the picture in the mirror

Think to ourselves wow that is a portion of me right there

Someday they too will stand here too, and see what I see

The beauty, the strength, and the wisdom passed down

From generation to generation

Sometimes the memories seem like yesterday

Smiling and grasping to that little child

Now they are grown with children of there own

Feeling useless and confused, going in circles in my head

Can’t focus on my intent or say what I feel

Now I stand before the mirror not seeing the same

Torn between memories and what is

The mirror seems so different now

I can only see bits and pieces of me

One minute I understand as we age this happens

Why me though, I go to church, I give to the needy

I have helped all I can

I know this wasn’t in the plan

It was to see my grandchildren graduate and remember it well

This mirror is so distorted from my dreams

As I stand here, I fight what I see

Not wanting to believe

As I turn and look, really look

I am not alone

I see my own beside me, looking into

My shattered mirror.


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