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~She Chose Peace~

Updated on March 5, 2014

She chose peace.

So when the fools of this world,

The challenges of this day

And the hardships of this life

All rallied against her,

Nothing could take from her

What she had.

She chose peace.

So when dignity became a call

Grace became an opportunity

Poise and Distinction

Were the jewels of her spirit

And nothing had the power

To reduce her.

She lined her life with the satin

Of good graces.

Her wealth was not something she possessed,

It was something she was.

And cut to the bone,

It was all real.

All the way through.

Onlookers were only slightly surprised

At the truth behind the suspicions…

Because they all stood by

And watched this tender spirit,

This gentle soul…

Cut to the bone.

Torn, and suffering, and alone…

And yet, in the end

Those things which she placed in her spirit

Those things with which she filled her being

Those traits which she used to create who she was

Stood through the very final moments.

She left hell with the quiet dignity

With which she lived it.


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