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She Does Not Belong to His Class #5

Updated on September 4, 2020

Exploring my talent, putting it into use in the literary world for the benefit of humanity and promotion of communication

It is beautifully written over the duo that they had deeper feelings for each other. People

Outside had been speculating that the young man has found his love after all. While they

Said this some people rose against it and said he cannot be married to the young lady,

For the young lass is inexperienced, he needs to be romantically involved with a

Matured lady not a naïve lady who does not have a mind of her own for now. When

Trouble surfaces the lady would not be able to counter neither resolves it they said.

Well, the lady too has been hearing all of these but she was not bulged by what

People have been saying, it is the person one is haggling price of commodity with at

The market square that one faces one would and should not focus the noise of people

Around the market square she says to herself and would neither be moved by what

People are saying nor change her disposition to the young man. This continued and as

People had perceived they started dating. Some people are happy with this development

While some were not happy, especially some ladies who are older and are yet single

For they were thinking it ought to be them but not her, for she is too young for him. Why

Is he not looking their sides? They asked from one another. When they saw that the

Relationship is getting deeper, they will secretly approach her that she should back off

Because she does not have the spiritual capability to be the Young man’s wife. The Young

Man is spiritually powerful and also talented. The naïve lady thanked them saying she will

You’re Still The One

Will look into their case for they had raised a very good point which she has not given

Much thought before, but as they have opened her spiritual eyes to it now she will back off

The relationship for it is not good that she dies prematurely. They were happy for her reply

And they had been counting their chickens even before they eggs are hatched, least

Had they know that the lady had played them and had said that to push them away from her

As from thence, she never allows her to be alone such that those people would come across

Her again and be saying such things to her. When they discovered that she had outplayed

Them, they planned on using another tactics for her. They sent her parents to her to talk to

Her to back off the Young man, he is old enough to be her father the people said to her

Parents. Her father told them to count him out of their discussion and would not finish

The discussion with them, but her mother gave the word a deep thought and called her

Daughter to speak to her about her relationship with the Young man of the need to back

Off because she does not want to lose her, she is her first daughter, she is like her junior

Sister, she is her second half, she wants her to be at her burial not her mourning her death

The lady replied her mother that she will not die, but her mother told her that it is for her

Not to die that she is talking with her, because the man she is dating is powerful and

By the time enemies cannot overpower him, they will bounce on her, attack her and

It may lead to death. They may even attack those of us who are your parents and relatives

Too when they cannot face your spouse, that is called “counter attack” in the world of the

Spirits her mother told her. She told her mother that the power of her spouse would protect

Her, her children when they are married and even her parents and siblings that her mom

Should not worry about this for she definitely will be the one who would bury her, she

Shall not die. Her mother starts to cry when she discovers that her daughter would not change

Her disposition to what she has told her. When her father returns and sees her crying he asks

Of what the matter was with her and she narrated everything to him, asking him to join

Her in stopping her from marrying the young powerful one within the island. The man told

Her wife that she will not do that, she should let her daughter do what her heart tells her.



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