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She Once Loved A Poet

Updated on January 1, 2020
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I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Dead Poet
Dead Poet

Pamela sat on the couch looking at her deadbeat husband with his pen stuck in his withering hand while sipping on a stale cup of coffee. They were broke and this son of a gun sat there writing poems. She had a flashback at the glimpse of the man she once fell in love with. He had real dreams and aspirations. He was studying to become a nuclear scientist when one day after star gazing, something rocked in his brain when the beauty of the Universe was revealed to him and he decided he would become a poet. This was a hard knock for Pam, she had so much plans for both of them. But these plans faded swiftly when Tony wrote a book of poems but ended up selling not one copy. Pamela encouraged the estranged author to continue his studies in science and leave poetry writing for those untalented and desperate to be broke.

But Tony never budged, he was determined to become successful and wrote daily. He submitted his work to magazines, publishers and even created his own website to sell his poems. But just like his old Volkswagen tire, it was just hot air. Nothing substantial materialized and it began to take a toll on Tony himself. After all, he was broke, staying at home and living off his wife meager earnings. It got so bad that one day Pam threatened to leave him if he did not get up and go find a real job.

“A real job, I know of nothing that will cause the aches in my mind to recede.” Said Tony.

“What the hell are you rumbling about Tony? You need to put down that dumb pen and get up off your butt and go put some bread on the table.” Pam said angrily.

“Oh Pamela, you are my one and only love and if you should ever depart from my heart my soul would go into a coma.”

The Rage

Pam grabbed her hair on her head, screamed and dashed outside and slammed the door. Then about ten minutes later, she broke. She just couldn’t handle it anymore, she burst open the door and came running and screaming and just started beating on Tony.

“Woman, are thou mad?” Tony asked.

“Mad! Mad! Mad you say. I am going to show you stupid poet what it means to be truly mad. You worthless stupid poem writing man.” Pam rushed to the kitchen and grabbed a knife as Tony sat their looking on in awe.

“Wait Pam, Wait” said Tony. Let me write this moment down as it will make a great piece for a dramatic poem.”

“What the hell Tony. I am going to kill you and all you want to do is write a poem about your death?”

Pamela plunged on Tony with all the rage she had in her heart and drove the knife straight in his heart. Blood sprayed from the hole in his heart and splashed in his wife eyes. Tony held up his hand to his wife and said, “Please Pamela, please. Promise me one thing.”

“What Tony what?”

“Promise me you will write down my death as a poem and post it online.”

“Pamela looked at Tony with even more rage and pushed the knife further inside him. “Shut up and die you piece of a man!” Pamela shouted. She then immediately grabbed his book of poems and set them ablaze, sat in a corner laughing as she called the police to report a murder.

The Irony

Soon, sirens came blazing and the police officers entered the home and saw Pamela still clutching the bloody knife while laughing her head off.

Officer Jonah approached her and gently took the knife out of her hand and placed her into handcuffs. Then he took out a large notebook and began to write. Pamela looked up at him and asked, “I guess you will need to know why I killed my husband? Well write this down officer.”

“Oh no Mam, detective Myers will speak with you shortly, you see, I am a poet and I am just making notes of a bloody murder scene to post online.”

Pamela started to scream uncontrollably until she passed out.

© 2019 Clive Williams


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