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The Starving Artist

Updated on January 9, 2015

What Drives You in Life?

Something is very interesting about Artists. When they are starving, we feel sorry for them but question their sanity. When they fly with success, we envy them that they have it all.

What makes us envy them when they succeed and question their sanity as they hardly make a living is the same thing.... "the commitment to their passion - the unspoken vows that they engraved on their hearts when they discovered their talent."

Do you suppose they have a different mindset all together?

'A starving artist makes her way to the lake. Awed by the scenery, the artist pulls out her papers & pencil and starts writing...

"Dear God, I may have borrowed the money for this coffee; I may have gotten this chocolate bar as a gift a few months back. I know I don't yet have the money to pay for the gas I have just consumed driving here.

But here I am. I come to answer a deep call inside me, a call to be right here by the lake. Why? I know not the reason, but here I am. My paintbrush is my shrinking pencil, my papers are my canvas, and my words are all the colors I need.

Dear God, as my eyes take in the beauty you have created, I find myself caring less about my extra-lean bank account, my unknown future, & the question: "what do you do for a living"; to which I have yet no answer.

As I immerse myself in your creation. I pull my iPhone & play some nice calming music that my friend also gifted me by."

Dear reader, I know what you're thinking.... Starving artist with an iPhone?
Well, I wasn't always starving. There has been a time when I earned a decent living; time that is now memory.

Back to God,
"Thank you God for all this beauty...

  • The tranquil blue lake masterfully painted with various shades of blue
  • The music composed by the talented individuals you've created and to which the waves of the lake are now dancing
  • The gorgeous breath-taking blue extended sky that is the home for all spirits & angels
  • The iPhone innovated by the brilliant minds you created in humans and that is now playing this lovely music
  • The sturdy resourceful rich-green trees preventing the lake from getting lonely, and like a loving mother, generously providing spine-support and shade for all wandering souls like myself as if whispering "Here I am, don't worry."
  • The stretched green rug of grass cushioning the ground for all aching and shoe-less feet
  • The beautiful white swans swaying gracefully with the dancing waves
  • The tiny fish playfully jumping every now & then as if trying to peek from under the water into the realm of our life on earth
  • The white fluffy clouds cruising effortlessly across the sky changing shapes, hovering atop my head as if protecting me and silently promising me hope
  • The innocent and joyous dog running to catch the ball, content by what God sends him, whenever he sends it
  • The huge rocks aligning in harmonious order along the shore
  • The tiny flowers & plants that despite their fragile structure are determined to emerge from between the strong rocks
  • The ducks swimming in pairs as if singing together a love song
  • The geese flying in their triangle formation in excitement over the lake, competing with their singing against my man-made music
  • The Sun
  • The Breeze
  • The White & Pale-Yellow Butterflies
  • The Monarch Butterflies
  • The Birds

I know if I look more, I'll find more.
Oh, how blessed I am to be enjoying it all for free, filling-up my appetite for beauty and cleansing my soul of any sense of deprivation.

As I lose myself to YOUR portrait of art a smile breaks on my lips, illuminates my face, opens my lungs for real-breathing, and pushes aside some of my fear & worry.

Thank you God. I love you. My only regret is that I had to take my eyes away from this beauty to sketch it down in words, and now time has called for me to leave. I hope time could have waited on me, but I will be back.
" '

© 2015 Amel Abouelhassan


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