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She is fighting against Nature: Wish is Strength; Hope is Back up; Time is Medicine

Updated on November 17, 2015

Sad but not Broken

She found her home washed away.
She found her home washed away. | Source

She is fighting against Nature

She saved some money and she wove a dream

She did tireless work and she thought of a home

She brought bricks before she stored sure sands

She stocked cements she rent workers' hands.

Komen came ,came as if cow or crow does come

Abruptly before one's running bike to make some

Unexpected events. To die and defame

Are common fruits caused against owner's name

She thought she would be called the real son:

Responsibilies and liabilities to have won,

The wrest against fate or ours' nature's Don

Before leaving the home forever and would have gone.

Wish is power, shower's hope .Time is prime, the well Pope .

"Oh! Flower ! Burn the bale and run the rhyme. ", hour calls.


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