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She put the mack on you

Updated on August 5, 2012

There's a lady who's sweet and cool,

she can put the mack on you.

You tell your friends you got her,

in the palm of your hands.

She'll do anything you say at your word.

Cuz you're the player, you're the man,

that's what you tell your friends.

There's a lady whose sweet and cool,

she can put the mack on you.

She'll have you doing things, you said

you would never do. Then your friends

say what's up with you, that's when you

know she's got the mack on you, your

friends can see it too. You become a

love sick fool!

There's nothing you can do cuz she's

got a spell on you. There's a lady whose

sweet and cool she can put the mack on


She'll make you feel brand new to, she always

looks so fine, make a man commit a crime and

do some time. She'll take away your sunshine,

with her fineness. You end up blinded from her

game, why? She put the mack on you!

We as men believe we can play women when we are single. We think we hold the cards in the palm of our hands; but there are many women out there who can run a serious game on a man. The poem was written in the 90's when I was much younger, being single I believed I knew the game and could not be fooled. Little to my knowledge there was a woman that new the game to and I finally met my match.

Being a mature adult now, all the young men in the world who believe they have game should not be fooled by a beautiful face, in the end they could end up heartbroken by what she puts him through.

copyrighted cannot be duplicated or copied without permission from the author.


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