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SheToldMe Review My Get Paid to Write Site Experience

Updated on August 29, 2011
graur codrin /
graur codrin / | Source


Simply put, aka She Told Me is a site where you bookmark your own articles or someone else's and earn Adsense Revenue when people click on the Google ads.

I've been writing for SheToldMe for a while now and thought it might be time to do a review of this site.There are plenty of articles out there that rate but this one is based on my personal experience and hopefully it helps to reinforce your thoughts on this site or perhaps even offer a new perspective.

The Look

The background is a bright white with lots of light blue, red and black words, ads, and logos that seem to jump off the page.

Let's just say that this site is very, very bright. I consider Hubpages to be a fairly 'lit up' site. She Told Me makes Hubpages look like a coal mine.**

The whole look of She Told Me, with its gossiping girls logo reminds me a lot of a loud 'pop' teen magazine or other glossy tabloid.

I actually like the bright color. It isn't stodgy at all. For those who are intimidated by the more 'institutional' looking get paid to write sites, She Told Me is a relief as its look is not intimidating at all.

The only problem I have with the look is that the layout takes some time getting used to. There is a lot going on. Ads are all over with bookmarks (aka 'scoops') on the side and in the middle. Adsense ads are positioned right around your bookmark (scoop) title but they do certainly compete with other ads nearby. Not a bad thing though. Sites need to make money and She Told Me lets you keep 100% of the revenue if 'your' ads are clicked.

The text on published 'scoops' could be a little larger too.

(**...and when I say 'coal mine', I mean that in the sexiest, baddest, coolest kind of way)

Sign Up

UPDATE 8/29/11 Signing up in order to write articles/bookmarks on SheToldMe is no longer free. Check out the posting rules and terms of the site for the latest. It is free to post comments but not to publish. As of this date cost is $5 per month or $12 per year. Very interesting development.

Signing up for the site is very easy and, of course, free. Pretty much the same information is asked from you as would be asked on any other reputable get paid to write site.

Be sure to enter your Google Adsense ID code to monetize your account. This too is very simple.

One word of caution, if you are going to sign up for She Told Me, do it sooner rather than later. In order to prevent spammers and other scammers joining the site, each sign-up is reviewed individually. Approval for my account took a couple weeks. She Told Me does tell you of this upfront and promises to get back to you within a couple weeks.


Writing for She Told Me is very easy. You must, of course, follow the site guidelines and Adsense policies but there is nothing there to trick you. You can backlink or bookmark anything you want within these guidelines. Like Hubpages, your posts are instantly published but can be subjected to moderation at anytime.

There is a 200 character minimum when posting bookmarks on She Told Me. This is easy to meet in just several lines. For quantity-driven bloggers/writers, this low word count allows you blast out a lot of bookmarks very rapidly. For those who prefer to enter more words or if you simply can't stop yourself from typing, you can definitely enter more words to exceed the 200 characters for fuller content.

When you do write, and this applies very much to Hubbers who wisely use their trackers when they 'share' articles, you can not use a tracker on She Told Me. The URL won't be recognized and the site will prompt you for another URL (then they ban your Adsense account and humiliate you in their public comments section then beat you..... kidding). You'll just need to use the actual 'non-tracker' URL for your bookmark as trackers simply don't work here.

There is a lot of talk about the value of meta-tags and keywords related to SEO. Some say Google ignores them, others say enter as many as possible. I like to enter as many relevant keywords as possible just like they are encouraged here at HubPages. She Told Me allows you to enough keywords to cramp your hands for weeks. No keyword limit.


There is not much of a community presence on She Told Me. In some ways it feels virtually non-existent but occasionally a comment will come through.

If you are looking for forums, instant message, contests, newsletters, lots of comments, question and answer sections, etc. etc. you won't find it here. Not surprising though. She Told Me is a bookmark site. People chasing links generally don't revert back to the bookmark to post a comment. Sites like She Told Me have readers that are very transient and there's nothing wrong with that.

I've been trying to comment more on this site and if you join up or already belong, I'd recommend it too. Feedback is good. You can also vote articles up or down. Articles voted up get better positioning for other readers to read.


Traffic to She Told Me is difficult to monitor.  Unlike writing here at HubPages or other sites, She Told Me does not have a page view counter for each post. I haven't found a way to utilize Google Analytics with She Told Me either (if there is a way, let me know). Instead, if you want to track your page views you'll probably need to set up some channels on Adsense.

I use She Told Me mainly for backlinking my own articles so I get a pretty good idea of what kind of traffic I am getting on She Told Me.  For those of you who write on this site, HubPages, Hubpages has that great traffic source link that shows you where your page views are coming from.  About 9% of all my pages views on HubPages are coming from She Told Me.  I don't think that is bad traffic at all considering it takes about a minute to do a post on She Told Me.

Speaking of backlinking, the cool part about She Told Me is that it is DO FOLLOW, so each click to back your own articles actually stands a chance of improving search results on Google.


You'll get 100% of Adsense revenue if your ads are clicked. They used to allow Chitka ads as well, but the site now claims "we don't use Chitika anymore because the earnings are too low." This is a good sign. Not because Chitika is doing well, but because She Told Me monitors these things well enough to steer its writers clear from exceptionally low revenue.

It took me a long time to start earning adsense revenue through She Told Me. I had posted a few hundred bookmarks (mainly backlinking my own stuff on various sites) before earning a penny through She Told Me. Then things picked up well. Of course, "well" in Adsense terms is subjective :-) "Well" for me is any where from cents to a dollar a day from any particular site. Not much, but still better than nothing and the bookmarks are wicked fast to make.

You can also make money from referrals. Refer someone to the site and She Told Me includes on of your ads in their bookmarks somewhere within the text.

To Sum Up

You can earn money on She Told Me. It will take a while and a bunch of posts but you'll get there.

As far as backlinking, I do see about 8-9% more traffic coming direct from She Told Me to my sites.

Sign up is easy but approval can take a few weeks. If you want to sign up, sign up sooner rather than later. You can even use me as a referral (can't resist offering that up).

The site has a very bright, somewhat confusing look to it. Still, I like the brightness as a nice change of pace to the more darker sites out there. The brightness helps She Told Me to stand out. The text could be a little larger

Overall, not a perfect site but I still like it a lot.


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    • TurtleDog profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thanks for the support AllieRambles! If you enter a link that already exists on SheToldMe (STM) then it will automatically prevent you from entering, so I think you are all right and I appreciate the help.

      Yeah, not much community but I do try to keep up with leaving comments. What I typically find is that the scoops on STM direct me to other sites where I already belong(like Hubpages, Xomba, Squidoo, etc) . I'll comment on STM as well as the site the article is posted. 9 times out of 10 I'll get a response on the site that hosts the article (and not the backlink on STM). Makes sense since it is the most direct way to communicate even though it doesn't help STM's community.

      I like SheToldMe though. Quick, easy and another way to get a message out.

      Thanks again!

    • AllieRambles profile image


      7 years ago from Bay Area, California

      Thank you. I thought it was just me that thought SheToldMe had no community, I would have enjoyed engaging with others there.

      I linked this article there, I hope you don't mind. If you do then let me know. I figured you wouldn't mind some more traffic coming your way. SheToldMe doesn't state that certain links cannot be repeated, right? Especially if it is from different users.

      Lmk if you would like me to take it down.

    • TurtleDog profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Hi Rudra! Thanks for the comment. They do put up their own ads but if yours is clicked you get 100% revenue. Understandably, you'd want to make 100% revenue on all the ads, but Shetoldme of course needs the other ads to generate their own revenue.

      I have over 500 posts on SheToldMe all within their guidelines and I make decent money (relative to blogging anyway :-). I've never been taken down by the site. Sorry to hear you were. You need to be sure all of your posts are within their guidelines. Even this can be tricky. For example, I was temporarily taken down by Xomba (another great site) until I grovelled and begged enough to let me back in :-) Essentially any site can take you down for their own reason (generally noted in their TOS) Not sure what you did wrong.

      If James at SheToldMe lets you know the specific issue, feel free to share. It looks like he responded to you in your comments section related to the link you posted. According to him, our URL's appear to be taken down and deletions will take effect soon, so apparently they are not 'stealing' them. Looks like they did not like the content for some reason.

      Good luck!

    • Rudra profile image


      7 years ago

      My account was deleted from shetoldme without notice.Just look at the source code, you will know that the adsense impressions are not 100% as claimed. Its a scam.

    • TurtleDog profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Hi esatchel! You are welcome! Yeah, I've been meaning to write a review on SheToldMe for a while. Thanks for the comment. Pretty easy site to use.

    • esatchel profile image


      8 years ago from Kentucky

      Thanks for the review of this site. I really wasn't sure what it was all about. I'll have to check it out.

    • TurtleDog profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Glad to hear it SweetMarie83! Posting bookmarks there is super fast. You won't generate tons of income and you might not see any for a while until you get a decent portfolio of scoops (I only recently started seeing some income but it has been pretty regular since...hope it keeps up!). That said, the 'scoops' are quick and easy to write and I do see a percentage of my traffic coming from STM right here to HubPages. So it's all good.

    • SweetMarie83 profile image

      Marie Landry 

      8 years ago from Ontario, Canada

      Great review of the site! I signed up for an account just shortly after starting to write online and I sort of forgot about it until this past week and updated it a bit. Now that I've read a review from someone who's used it a lot, I'm going to concentrate more on remembering to post there - thanks! Useful and voted up. :-)

    • TurtleDog profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Thanks lilibees for the feedback! Very easy site to use. I'll be good seeing your around there too :-)

    • lilibees profile image


      8 years ago

      Very great information i actually have an account with shetold me, I have yet to get on there and look around. I just might now!


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