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Shirley Upon That Summit

Updated on November 3, 2016

Shirley upon that summit, house your shirttail well and beyond the coatings she has picked from many moons, ancient! Tears and gymnasium play her piano well. Ice-covered fingers, I have come to apprehend will always bother him at midnight. Shirley upon that summit, she gives into a lure so vivid of thoughts, mislaid! Dance within her, exclusive as the moonlight of inappropriate willed confidants, overlooking a land of forceful control! Um, insignificant brooks flowing from below, Shirley upon that summit she stares into the village of commonplace citizens; bleeding virgins of multitudes give way from sexualities, untold! She is old, sitting as the most gorgeous assassin upon that mountaintop! Halt the thunder from unfriendly terrains, she cannot. Blood and wrath, opened gates and true fates. Um, Shirley upon that summit, she reigns with limitations unfastened!


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