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Short Clips For You

Updated on December 1, 2009

Short Clips For You

Gina is a long time government employee. She would rather be doing almost anything else. Pushing pen to paper is not her idea of a joyful life. She is searching for the ultimate creative endeavor and the capability to spend most of her time doing philanthropy. A good day for Gina is hiking, communing with nature, striving for higher consciousness and having a beer at the end of the day.

Gina has a son going to college in another state. A cat that is most often too needy. A mother in the state of dementia she helps care for. Her sister Dena, oh what can be said about her? Perhaps it’s best left unsaid.

She loves the color purple.

Her friends, Laura, Janis, Carlos and Jim (ah the special one) help her stay grounded in reality. But she asks, what is reality? Do I want to know? Maybe best left to the imagination.


Maggie She’s always on the phone. Well it is her job. Everyone loves to talk with Maggie. She is so pleasant and helpful to the many people who call. Some not deserving of even a civil tone let along a pleasant one. But she smiles and carries on as if each person were the most special at the time.

Maggie loves hummingbirds, sunflowers, cinnamon and cheesecake. On a warm summer night you can find her sitting on the porch listening for the evening train to go by. Oh, how she loves the sound of a train whistling on the tracks. Such soothing music to her ears.

These days Maggie’s looks forward to her annual vacation. Her first choice is the beach. Any beach. The Caribbean, the Golf of Mexico, the Pacific. Balmy breezes and crystal blue water sooth the soul of this single gal.


Shelly She cries out for justice. She prays for integrity. She begs for honesty. What does she get? Disillusionment. Through it all she carries on in the same way that she was brought up. She is from a military family. Married a military man. It’s in her soul.

Shelly has two daughters that she nurtures and instructs in the lesson of life. The good and the sad. She has four dogs, maybe three now.

Hiking was her great love. In the mountains, valleys and deserts. One day she saw a picture of two huge rattle snakes doing the mating dance in a grassy knoll and that was all it took, no more hiking for her. Shelly is from the northern states. She can fend off a bear with no fear. A grizzly even. But rattlers are her nightmare. So for now she contends with caring for her family and walking her dogs in the neighborhood.


Amy Work, work, work. Seems it’s all she does these days. Her husband was disables in a car accident. Her daughter is autistic. Her son is afraid someday she won’t come home. What’s a young woman to do with a life like this?

Amy pulls herself up by the boot straps every day knowing that soon her ship will come in. She’s not sure what it will look like. But she knows in her heart that it’s on its way. Maybe just maybe it’s the Princess ship.

Amy also has three dogs and a cat, three turtles and a snail. You can see the pattern here. The mother, the nurturer, the caregiver. Don’t even think of causing any harm to any of her babies.

Amy loves the color blue. So soothing a color. Bringing balance and harmony to her spirit so she can carry on as needed. She prefers to be indoors. When she gets a few precious minutes to herself she plans a birthday party for her children. Always the mother nurturer.


Janice The only thing on her mind these days is retirement. Just three short months from now Janice will be free of the alarm clock and the eight to five routine. Whatever will she do with all that free time?

Travel, travel, travel. First destination Mississippi to visit some relatives she hasn’t seen since she was seven years old. Yes, she’s spoken to them on the phone a time or two. They will have to reminisce for a good long while.

Next sunny, cool, breezy, southern California. What’s there? Water. The Pacific Ocean. Janice has been living in the desert for so long she can hardly remember the blue ocean waters. What a vision in her mind. Long walks on the beach. Sunsets like no other place on earth. Fish and chips on the dock. Fresh fruits just picked that day. Oh what a splendid time she will have.


Sally She too is retiring soon. She is counting the days until she is out of that place. Only 100 days left. What a momentous event that will be. She can’t believe she is still working for the dollar. Look at her. The vibrant, energetic youthful woman that she is. Still plenty of life in her.

Her plans are made. A month in Italy and Venice. Perhaps a chance romance with a fine Italian gentleman. Good food, wine and dancing till the early morning hours. Lunch at the cute little bistro overlooking the gondolas on the river. Now that’s a life to live.

Sally does have three children and six grandchildren so she won’t stay away for long. She adores on her grandchildren. Spend too much on them. But it’s only money.

We call Sally the bling bling lady. She loves her jewelry. She junket shops. Gets great deal. She is really a very lucky person. Even she says so.


Donna and Cassandra This mother daughter duo are quite the pair. So much alike. Donna is a paralegal who really works to shop. She is an admitted cloths whore. Cassandra is a teacher whose love of beauty and sharing has no boundaries.

They go to the mall and shop and shop and shop some more. Of course a short break for lunch is also included to keep their energy levels up.

Get these two together for a night on the town and they will show you how to party. A little drinking, some dancing, and a lot of singing along with the band. They get everyone involve in the fun.

Donna and Cassandra do have their serious side. Some place. We’re still looking for it.

They have a great dog, Bella that is an aussi mix. Very well behaved. Loves to go for a ride in the car. Donna has a PT Cruiser with a great fire streak along the sides. Just right for a dog to show off in while cruising along on the local streets.



Can you identify the picture to the clip?


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    • itakins profile image


      9 years ago from Irl

      Incredibly clever-

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi Darlene, well I finally found it. I like what you wrote about Maggie, she sounds alot like me... the sounds of the train the hummingbirds...Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Awesome stories Darlene! Not only are they terribly funny, but they are dea-on accurate too. Keep up the great work.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      thanks for sharing your writing with me. I enjoyed it very much. It's nice to know there are very good things in this world to see, hear and think about.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      Wow! That was really interesting and fun to read.

      Great work, my freind!


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