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Short Stories and More

Updated on April 15, 2020
Isabellared profile image

A collection of my poems, stories, quick writes and writing blogs.

My Head is a Monster

My head is a monster that is constantly clawing and ripping apart my thoughts and replacing them with its own false reality.
My head is a monster that is constantly devouring my sanity and spitting out images.


Metaphors 1

He is a wolf. Large muscles and intimidating with a jawful of teeth sharp enough to cut through flesh easily. His eyes are deep brown and green like a forest you could get lost in. Yet, eyes are sharp as if they'd cut through your soul and peer inside, even though, they are soft and comforting; they keep you trapped in that forest, alone yet feeling not alone. His pelt is pure white yet stained with a deep dull red that traces past his muzzle and jaw, trailing down to his chest, slowly fading then regaining brightness on his paws, where his claws could be seen digging into the earth below him. A sorrowful smile is always pasted to his face, which only changes while he is hunting. He promises eternal love and protection though you mainly receive the bitter bite of betrayal.

I am a caged bird. My cage is not gold, silver or any other precious metal, but I do not mind. My wings are of gorgeous greens and reds; however, the feathers are neglected from the loss?of flying. The cage door is wide open; however, I never fly through. The cage itself is broken here and there, pieces split open enough for me to effortlessly fly through. I sing quietly to myself fearing the idea of being heard, staying quiet in grief with the belief of not wanting to be heard.


Every Trick in the Book

(Inspiration from "You Try Every Trick in the Book")
You try every trick in the book to keep her.

You wrote her letters.

You made her breakfast.

You handmade her countless origami.

Made her your music that you made.

You stopped talking to whats'er face. You give her your facebook as proof. You quit smoking. You promised to stop lying. You blame your mother. You blame society. You blame your age-I was young! It was the stress! I was stupid!-You claim you were sickly. Claim you were dying.

Until you were dying no more. You talk to an online counselor like you swore you would. And every hour of every minute you're apologizing, for every lie you keep telling. You move out. You give her space. You move back in. You claim to fight for her.(edited)Claim she's the one.

You claim you won't move on. Yet when given the chance, you do. And when she's finally had enough, finally said to you, "I've had enough." and "Goodbye". You claim to have not let her go. You claim you didn't love whatstheirface, that, that too, was a lie. You blame your loneliness. That you had loved her this whole time. But she just says, "I don't want to hear it." and leaves once again. You consider leaving her alone. You consider her happiness over yours.

You consider trying again, and again, and again. You consider maybe, just maybe coming clean. You don't. You wait. And when she's finally gotten over everything you've done, when she's finally moved on, and is finally happy, you come back. And you blow her away. You build her up. You give her everything you can. A ring. A necklace. Chocolate. A hand to physically hold. Kisses. More of your origami. More of your letters. And shes happy, happy that you are here.

Happy thinking maybe, just maybe you've changed. But what she doesn't know is that, you lie about your lies just so you can lie to her again. And you keep her. She stays knowing with just the simple fact that you can hold her. You finally think, I've won. Well, unfortunately for you, this is not a game. Eventually she sees the light. Your lies crumble to the ground, and she sees you for what you really are.


Sticks and Stones

Careful for what you wish

I am not defenseless

It's a better game if you just run

Love is not just the game

But you just keep pushing buttons

Careful on what you say

Sticks and stones may break my bones

But we know how to hide a body ~


© 2019 Isabella


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