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Murder Mystery-Bloody Footprints

Updated on January 10, 2020
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Linda writes articles on a variety of genre's; poetry, recipes, mental health, health & wellness and personal stories about her life.


Defintion of Murder Mystery

A narrative about a murder and how the murderer is discovered. Type of: mystery, mystery story, whodunit. a story about a crime (usually murder) presented as a novel or play or movie.


Johnny- Intuitive Boy Since Birth

Johnny couldn't seem to fall asleep; tossing and turning for what seemed hours. "Why cant you turn on the air conditioning mom", he said under his breath. Johnny was a very unique boy, as his mom was well aware. When he was only six years old he was playing with someone in his bedroom, but his mom knew it was only she and Johnny in the house. When she stepped into the room he was chasing something, but whatever 'it' was, she sure couldn't see it. "Johnny, who are you playing with?" she asked with hesitation. "I'm playing hide and seek with grandpa Mike." Johnny's mom started sobbing, knowing full well this was real. She missed her dad so much! It was hard to believe he'd already been gone for a year. She tried to compose herself so her son wouldn't feel the deep despair she had from losing her dad.

Johnny's Big Dream

Please! let me wake up. Johnny was having one of his notorious, psychic dreams he'd experienced since he was a young boy. He tried making out the face in the dream but it was just a dark, fuzzy profile. " Who are you?" What do you want from me?" he said to the dark shadowy man. "I need your help-Just follow me and you'll get the answers you need." Johnny followed the man down a dark,dusty road. The roads were lined on both sides with thick brush and the tallest white oak tree's you'd ever seen. "Where are we going and who are you?" Johnny was beginning to feel light-headed and was ready to pass out. As he stopped to catch his breathe, he noticed in front and behind him were bloody footprints that marked the path they had taken. The last thing Johnny remembered before waking up was feeling weak and falling to the ground.

He woke up trying to catch his breath. The time on the alarm clock showed 8:18 A.M. Just then the door flew open and his mom was screaming. "What's wrong mom?" "What do you mean what's wrong, you woke me up with your screaming." " Did you have one of your bad dreams honey?" "Yes, someone from the other side needs my help." His mom laid next to him Caressing his hair until he calmed down. Somehow, Johnny's mom knew how to make everything alright after one of his big, disturbing dreams.

Monday Morning Already

Monday morning seemed to come so fast. Where did the weekend go? He hopped in the shower and let the water beat on his face and body. Ah! Nothing like a cold shower on a humid day. He poured milk and his favorite cereal into a bowl. Froot Loops, he thought to himself, had to be created by a really smart kid. Johnny ran out of the house and down the steps. It was nice that he didn't have to walk far to wait for his bus. Some of his other thirteen year old buddies couldn't just stand at the end of their driveway to catch the bus. It might not be a big deal to other people but he thought it was pretty cool. Johnny was sweating beads waiting for the bus. The sun already warmed up to about 72 degrees at 7:30 A.M. Finally, the bus was approaching and he knew it would be cool in there. When he looked back at the house to say goodbye to his mom, he couldn't believe his eyes. Again, just like in the dream the other night, he saw bloody footprints from where he stood at the bus stop and back to the house. Past experience told him that his mom didn't see this terrifying vision which made him feel a little better about the whole thing.

Throughout the school day, Johnny tried to figure out what this man in the dream was trying to tell him. "Give me more clues and maybe I can help you," He thought to himself. It was 1:30 as he pulled out his science book during his free study period. While catching up on homework, he noticed a red headed girl walking toward him. She introduced herself as 'Margaret'. "Hi, I'm Johnny." "I know who you are," she said. "What do you mean you know me? I've never seen you before." She sat down and began explaining an incredible story that involved Johnny. She nervously told him that her dead father had sent her. She lost him two years ago in an unsolved murder mystery. The police had very few leads and were having a hard time finding the suspect. "Through my dreams, my father has been filling me in about your gift of intuition and how you solve cold-cases. He said he's giving you clues about who murdered him. Through choking tears she managed to ask, "Can you help me?" Johnny reassured her that between the two of them, the mystery would be solved. "Let's go over all the messages your dad has been sending us" Johnny said, "and get this cold case closed."

Johnny Solves the Murder Mystery

Johnny got home from school and turned on the t.v. "Breaking News on a two year, unsolved murder mystery."

After he and Margaret pieced all the clues together, the police were able to find the man responsible for killing Mr.Murphy. It turned out to be the crazy neighbor that lived next to their lake cabin. The reporter who broke the story was standing outside the suspect's cabin. Johnny could see that it was set back in an isolated location. It was a dark, dusty area, lined with thick brush and the tallest white oaks you'd ever seen.....

Murder Mysteries

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© 2011 Linda Rogers


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