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Signs Of A Serious Writer

Updated on December 10, 2014

Being a writer is not as easy as it may sound. It can change the way you see and do things, often challenging you in many ways.

Background Stories: The world around you becomes your story book and you give random people you see background stories.

Walking into the store you spy a simple grocer stocking the fruits and vegetables. He was born and raised in the town and his father owns the business, but in your mind he becomes someone much different. He is not just a simple grocer, he is a young starving artist who has recently moved from Italy and is now trying to fit into society and find himself, trying to determine what he is doing with his life.

Two aisles over a young mother is putting some groceries into her cart, a happy baby smiles up at her, kicking her feet and giggling. But she is not just a mother, oh no, she is far more than that. She is in fact a retired spy who is trying to live a normal life and the man dressed in a black suit at the end of the aisle is someone from the division she worked in. He will approach her and inform her that they require her for one more job. She will hesitate at first, but will relent under the condition that they do not contact her anymore afterwards.

Emotional breakdown: Your stories effects you in strong emotional ways.

You: -sobbing in front of your computer-

Concerned family member: "What's wrong?"

You: -voice breaking around your continued sobs- "I just want to know if he confesses his love!"

Concerned family member: "So.. finish reading."

You: "I can't!"

Concerned family member: "Why not?"

You: -sobbing harder now, distress at the words you are now uttering amongst your painful sobs- "Because I haven't finished writing it yet!"

Thoughts disappear: This can happen to both amateur and experienced writers. You could have a million ideas and just when you think you have them all ready for the paper, you sit down and lose all train of thought.

Reading your own work: You become your own worst critic. After writing for hours you look over your work and think "No one will believe this. I'm the worst writer ever. I can't believe I thought I actually have talent."


Having someone read your work: You ask someone to read your work, are super excited when they agree and then freak out when they start reading. Your thoughts remain on edge switching constantly.

"They love it, look at that smile."

"They hate it. That frown is the frown of a bored man."

"That can't stand it. They must be thinking 'who are they to think they have talent?' I knew it was terrible. I should have deleted it when I had the chance."

"What if I made a mistake? I should have read it first."

Spellcheck: You have someone edit your work and then cringe every time they find a mistake. One of your first thoughts being "Why didn't I notice that?!" and "They are going to think I'm such an idiot."


Loss of appetite: You skip meals because you are far more interested in how your characters will settle things and who will win in the battle between the soldier and the duke, and who will win the heart of the lady.

Talking to your characters: During the process of writing you hear the voices of your characters talking to you.

"Slipping the cd into the cars player he sung along with the music, trying to lose himself in the Motown sound he loved so well."

You've just written a segment, feeling a bit proud of yourself when suddenly you hear it. The voice of the character you are writing about. "You know I don't like that style of music. You should change that bit."

Forming ideas: You could be in the middle of a conversation with someone you haven't seen in years and one word makes you think of ideas and you start forming a story as they continue talking.

Radio musical: While listening to music you build a scene to go along with the lyrics. Adding in your own characters and settings.


Film Critic: While watching a movie you start thinking things like "The writers could have done so much better with that scene. If I could have seen the script before it was approved, I would have changed so much." and "I should call these people and tell them where they messed up. She would so not say anything like that."

Caught up: You get so caught up in the story that you are thinking of replies before they are given and feel happy when the characters say exactly what you thought that should.

Grammar patrol: While reading a book you find any and all grammatical errors.

Light bulb effect: After reading a book or watching a movie, you start thinking "I could write a sequel to that."

Split personality: Your thoughts may turn from nice and sweet to evil and diabolical in the blink of an eye. A character you thought you liked is suddenly causing problems for your story and you start to think of ways to get rid of him. A possible explosion, an elaborate accident that is almost impossible (because if you're going to kill them off you at least want it to be a awesome sequence). Or maybe you stick with the sweet thoughts and the character goes off to school or has a job transfer. Either way, you write them out just as soon as you can.

What are something's that you or writers you know do? Comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

© 2014 Bakerosity


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