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15 Signs of Addiction to Social Media

Updated on January 23, 2015
Social Media Addiction
Social Media Addiction

Social Media Signs and Symptoms

Do you know you are obsessed with the internet or not? Now you can easily determine if you are really addicted to the social media or not.

10 Signs You're Addicted to the Social Networking:

  1. The only book you read this year is Facebook.
  2. You've slept with someone for their Wi-Fi password.
  3. You won't buy lemonade from the kids down the street because they don't have a Yelp review.
  4. You take your photos in the mirror and upload the snaps on social media sites
  5. Being outdoors looks weird without Instagram filters.
  6. You can spend hours browsing and have close 6k pins on Pinterest.
  7. It cracks you up when you see dudes who supposedly have begging for candy crush tickets in their Facebook statuses.
  8. You start a game on smartphone for fun but play it for hours.
  9. You get easily sucked into the internet. You will look at something on YouTube or interest, etc. and before you know it hours have passed.
  10. You explore Whatsapp and Facebook to remember your past events.
  11. At every new place you need a selfie to upload on Instagram or some other social network.
  12. Your sense of humor is only funny if you have a Tumblr account.
  13. Your smartphone is full of unwanted apps.
  14. You cannot go to toilet without your cell phone.
  15. You only made it halfway through this list because you went to go watch a video of a cat stuck in a box.

I find that people are absolutely scared to talk, especially in this day and age of social networking, it's creating a whole era of ''social awkward people'', they don't even know how to have a conversation… people will have an all out beef with each other on these many forms of social networking: i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, why not just sit down and look at that person and have a conversation, we're grown men and grown women. Facebook is like a daily newspaper, you log on in the morning to read your news feed. There are some people who share their entire lives on it which are like a mini soap opera, always entertaining; some who only post things they know will be of interest to people, and people like me who posts absolutely pointless things that happen in my life.

The first rule of Facebook is that every Monday you must post a mandatory post. That right there is being eliminated because of all these varies forms of social media. People will sit behind a computer and have multiple conversation; people don't even pick up the phone and call, when was the last time you picked you the phone and called someone and said, hello how you are?

Internet Addiction Test

Do you have any sign of internet addiction?

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Why I am using Facebook?

What is on my mind? I have been known on Facebook since June 2012. I have studied with many things such as knowledge of technology, social, new friends from around the world. Many people asked me why I am here, what I am doing for a living. Am I addicted to social networks or not. I just keep smiling with my own and keep quiet without replying their questions as eager to know what about me.

I do not know the rule of how to be a member of Facebook; every one must have the story. I feel a little funny that if I told all my life stories, no one believes me. Then, I just quiet and I always told them that I am a good person. I am not crime person. I am happy to look the green light on my right hand side every time I log into Facebook, but I seldom chat with anyone in person. I felt like as I am in another world and look in front of me as other world as the green light. I said to myself this is friends from another part of the world and I feel warm. I can see lives of others from the monitor.

I'm usually a huge Facebook addict but some days I can't bring myself to really get into Facebook at all. It's a lot more peaceful to not be on Facebook almost all day.


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    • profile image

      Kim Styles 4 years ago

      I now understand the pain when you need lives for candy Internet on the plane for 6 hours can drive you to madness and candy crush is the only game available...the addiction is real. Lol! I see a strange parallel here. used to be this joke about only 5 or 6 people in the world have never seen "Star Wars". Well I've never played candy crush, and i see the uniqueness of my position starting to creep in!

    • profile image

      Robertson 4 years ago

      Some of these people are really cute...

      How many like's can a internet addicted, tumbler build, World of Warcraft player with almost no Real life social skills get? I suggest you turn around, delete your photo, and run away. All these people will only bring you down. I have a legit fear of being out of my room, I'm not just some shut in addicted to the internet.