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Silence To Oppression

Updated on October 11, 2013

Amid the darkness of hatred

The light of love beckons us,

In a sea of blood, gore and tears

By which our sails silently pass!

Did I consciously hear the cry

Emanating from a dark pit,

Out of which came the serpents

Sent by masters from summit?

The Predator is on the prowl

Looking for sloth Prey still,

Stripped naked and forsaken

To pounce upon and kill.

Neither here, nor there

It’s everywhere lying strewn,

Death of a million infant dreams

Butchered, shot and slain.

Will the busy roads flying around

Set for graves kept offshore,

Would the day lilies were trampled

Unleash storms like never before?

The deer that ran a lone race

Were hunted down by the snipers,

Amid the ruins rein a hush

To be wary of the vipers.

How long will onlookers

Continue to fill their chests,

How happily would deep sighs

Hoard mirrors in closets?

The serene sunshine of tomorrow

Ushers us to a new dawn,

Where the light of rejoiced love

Tells everyone we still can.


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