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Silence resounding With Nothing.

Updated on October 10, 2009

Silence resounding in nothing.

© -MFB



They say silence is golden
I must be King Midas this week
she's not talking, just
posing in all the familiar mannerisms

cold shouldered and giving me her bare back
a woman-nequin of some sort.

The silence around me is deafening
I can hear my heart pounding
trying to get out...break free
of the walls of dumbness
that enclose it.

{____s i l e n c e_____}
is so coffin like
where white mold
slowly slips
its tendrils onto
one's decomposing flesh
eating away at you in the
dark quiet confines
of a soundproof box.

There only the fall
of flesh debris
makes a rustling noise so soft
as to not disturb the dead.

Perhaps this is
but a taste
as I sit here
surrounded by so
much tarnished gold
everything I touch
seems to turn to silence.

Maybe I should share the wealth
of my golden empire
without sound,
let the silence
extend beyond my walls
to the guns in Iraq

Afghanistan and
and Jerusalem.

To the streets of
the barrio and ghettos
A King rendering peace
by silencing the
weeping worldwide.

Oh, if God would only allow
just one day to stop
the screams and cries,
empower one man to reach out,
and touch the whole world
and still the raging hearts of evil
with a sweep of his hand.

but perhaps in
sharing the wealth
I would be
abandoning the places
I so cherish
for even words printed
make sounds in one's head
all of my work so loudly put forth
reduced to blank screens
and thoughts deleted
this poem itself would not exist
only silence would fill the blanks,



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