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Silver Shadows

Updated on May 31, 2014
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Oscar has been a lifelong student of human relations, with ongoing reads on positive approach to life and self helps.

~ the doorway of time

Silver shadows glistened through the narrow yet still open doorway of the past, when the passers-by of my life saw it as closed; but little did they know that though fleeting, the friendly little wisps of light burned ever bright.

The busy bronze doorway of the present being used all the more, so filled with great efforts of today, uncertain steps, trials and sometimes error, always keeping the sweet-ever dreams of the past at bay.

The golden doorway of tomorrow, will it reach past all the pains and sorrows, pulling out the carols and the laurels, singing and shimmering, skipping and leaping, making fast the joys of each new mornings light?

M. O. Jones

Feb 4, 1993


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